The Sunrises On 217 Media and It’s Meals – SUNRISE CAFE BUSINESS REVIEW

Its time for another Business Review!

Recently 217 Problems & – Exposed Publishing, NFP. met up at Sunrise Café to discuss 217 Local New Media, oh at to have some AMAZING Dinner!

Sunrise Café is located at 1201 South 2nd Street Springfield IL 62703 Phone: 217-753-1311. They are open 7 days a week 6am-9pm! You can view their menu by clicking here ! According to their Facebook page they also offer Free Local Delivery in the evening hours, just call to check availability and to place an order!

217 Problems decided upon the Country Fried Steak!
Perfectly fried, and some fresh tasty gravy! – Exposed Publishing, NFP had to try the Fried Chicken Dinner!
Boy was it delicious! Very juicy and the breading tasted amazing (No Old Nasty Grease There).

After an amazing dinner, and an interesting meeting it is interesting how the local media market has grown over the recent years. How “non traditional” media is changing the way the consumer thinks of “news”.

As for Dan and his staff over at Sunrise, keep up the amazing work! It’s never been a disappointment when we’ve been at your restaurant no matter what time of day it is. We will be back soon to try your horseshoe when we do our upcoming round the town horseshoe review!

Sunrise gets an A+ for amazing food and amazing service!

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20 Comments on "The Sunrises On 217 Media and It’s Meals – SUNRISE CAFE BUSINESS REVIEW"

  1. Danny Johnston | January 23, 2016 at 4:56 pm | Reply

    Thanks very much for the kind review. We try hard. 🙂 You folks keep up the fine work that you do! Interesting reading that no one one would know about unless you “exposed” it!

  2. I love their breakfast horseshoes.

  3. There french toast is pretty tasty!

  4. Deep Rootz Midwest Hydroponics
    2641 south 6th street
    217 670 0007

  5. Get a big bag of mind your own grammar

  6. I’m just trying to help you out.

  7. I was doing talk to text

  8. Brian Berns Jonathan Hughes Eric Mccawley have you had their horseshoes before?

  9. No I haven’t. Whoever will go with me

  10. I have they are pretty good!

  11. Horseshoes are the best! Breakfast or Dinner

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