The Story Behind Exposed… What Is In The Future?

Today the Admins all met at Starbucks to discuss some of the upcoming changes to Springfield Exposed and splitting the website off into separate concepts. The founder of Springfield Exposed brought to the table some rather exciting news that’s is going to be coming out as well.

Naturally in business we are in this website upsets some, its bound to happen no matter who is the master mind behind the keyboard. When Springfield Exposed was created there were many ideas of what its purpose was going to be, though the creator had no expectation of the rather instant success the brand ended up having.

Springfield Exposed was designed as a non profit news based organization. With the hurdles with Facebook and being declared a “bully” for posting anything on a person who is not famous, the target audience was lost when Facebook banned the page after 19 days and almost 9000 “likes”.

Shortly after the ban the owner reached out to who he refers to a “Admin God” who is the owner and administrator of a rather successful Central Illinois Facebook page to discuss the options Springfield Exposed could take.

It was then decided to shift the content part of Springfield Exposed over to a website thus having total control over what is allowed and what isn’t (no more Facebook Reporting). The main reason behind this was an upcoming story he was working on regarding Springfield’s own Jasen Manuele. The owner knew if he published the story of Mr. Manuele on Facebook that it would be instantly flagged for removal and defeat the purpose of even doing it. Also by making this switch it opened the door on what was able to be posted in the future.

With rather instant success again on the website the feedback came pouring in and the requests for stories became so much so fast that the owner realized, that not one person could do this by themselves so he reached out to an old college friend for help. Together they started responding to emails gaining information for stories and publishing content. As the weeks went by people began loving the website and a few people had offered their help if need be. After close consideration the owner and new admin picked two more people to help run the website. This let the owner step back a little and clear his mind on what he really wanted to do with the website as he had no intention on ever running it for this long when he thought of the idea for a marketing tool.

Today the Admins pretty much run the website (it doesn’t take much as you can imagine), the website is purely user based submissions for content and the Admins do a little leg work on gathering some information around the user based submissions. They then type up the story and place it in a Draft Section of the website pending review and the owner is the one to give the final stamp and hit the publish button for it to go live. Naturally the website still draws a lot of feedback on both sides of the table depending on the day and the content posted, but the Admins and Owner are fine with that because the reader base is very vast.

At our meeting today we discussed the last month on how the website has performed. We also discussed what the next month is going to bring. As we shift the website into two separate websites. Its going to really split the traffic and change a lot up on our marketing aspect. Is it going to be a good thing? Who knows.

Also the owner brought up a rather interesting topic that is going to be a huge drive to the brand. They say all publicity is good publicity even the bad right? Apparently the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office decided to leak who was the “man” behind Exposed to the State Journal Register. To each their own as our owner has already “exposed” himself in recent times so it was no bother to us, it will actually only help us. Surely this wasn’t the intention of the leak, but sadly for the leaker their belief that the owner wished to stay anonymous was not true and he is rather interested in the story that SJR is going to do. Naturally everyone knew that whoever was behind the website had to have some kind of personal vendetta with the Police in some form.

Its expected when the story runs for the SJR to “expose” the owner in a similar fashion as we do here, and he’s not afraid of his criminal past being known as he has personally explained it numerous times around the internet. When asked today in our meeting how he feels about the community knowing who he is his response was simple, “People act like I planned to hide behind a keyboard, I could have very well. I let it be know long ago who I was. I could have made it a secret even to the person that “leaked” who I was to the paper, but I didn’t. I am not afraid of people knowing who I am, hell we announced it a few weeks back. It will be no shocker either when my “criminal history” comes to light. Welcome to 2015, technology is a huge part of our life’s today. Obviously we are doing something right at Springfield Exposed or the traffic counts wouldn’t be what they are. Oh and let’s not forget some of the personal gains the website has given me 😉 ”

So What is next for Springfield Exposed? As we announced we will be splitting the website up into two different concepts to help separate the fan base. We’ve listened to the readers feedback and we understand that not everyone wants to read about nasty hookers and dirty whores so we are going to make a separate concept that deal directly with “The Dirty” part of our brand. This will be a pure user based content, users will be able to submit the information pictures etc. and they will be published. It will be an 18+ website as it will be expected a lot of Exposing will involve Adult Content. We have created a user removal policy already for this content, so when a situation arises there is a chain of command to have content removed that is about you. Then naturally we will still have the Springfield Exposed main site that will be more of the news based items that we as Admins will compile and publish, As the SJR put it “A Police Beat kind of story with your own editorial content”.

Also we will be looking at adding at least one more Admin as our Owner is having some rather serious health issues that will be requiring surgery and he will be out of commission for some time. He has been teaching everything he can to me preparing for that, so there is no loss no matter what happens with him. At our meeting today he said “Who knows if this health shit doesn’t kill me soon enough maybe after the SJR runs their article some crazy man from Springfield will hunt me down and speed up the process lol”.

At the end of the day all of here at Springfield Exposed are greatly thankful for the following we have. We could not do what we do without YOU the readers and the submissions you make to us for stories. As we continue to grow and expand our services feel free to email us if you have any questions or if you have a story you want us to look into. With over 100,000 Unique visits to the website since opening I must say we couldn’t have done it without you!

Make sure to check our the upcoming article in the SJR we will share it once its made! Time for a nap for me now, some interesting stories coming later today!

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