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Good Morning.

As everyone gets ready for work today and the world of online and in print readers get a taste of Springfield Exposed in the State Journal Register.

The State Journal Register was tipped off by the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office into who was “behind exposed” and their idea was to “expose the man behind exposed”. Sadly that didn’t work out so well as our Founder had listed his information on the About Us Section of the website some time ago.

The State Journal Register reached out to our Founder for an interview stating they would run the story with or without his comments. Naturally he agreed to an interview with them last week.

The State Journal Register poses some interesting points in the story and raises some good questions.

Sadly The State Journal Register didn’t ask the attorney they interviewed his opinion on our website being defined under “news media”. Obviously we are awaiting the determination from the Illinois Attorney Generals Office on their opinion of the law and then the fate will be heard in a local courtroom. They did point out that “the website feels like lawsuit waiting to happen”, but rest assured there is a “large gap between getting sued and being found responsible”.

Springfield Exposed always attempts to reach out to people featured in our stories. As you will hear us always say “There is two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle lies the truth”.

It’s best to sum The State Journal Register’s article up like this. You can clearly see their intention behind it, no big deal naturally it is what it is. They probably should have waited until after the Attorney Generals Ruling to see where it takes us moving forward. No matter if we are “News Media” or not (which if you read the law we fit into it many ways) we will continue to provide you the information you desire. Sure the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office may withhold records up to 21 business days on us, but they ultimately still must provide them.

Springfield Exposed will be splitting up the website in the future to focus “dirty gossip” over to a new user based submission website, so the true readers who come for the rest of our stories don’t have to see it.

At the end of the day our Founder doesn’t have much control over the website as much as he once did. He is scheduled to have some medical surgeries done later this month and has given control over to a longtime college friend. In the past month he had really only been giving the final red stamp approval of any story that went live, and handled a lot of the backend legal and website leg work.  He has since taught the Admins everything they need to know to keep the website running, moving forward. We wish him the best of luck and we know he is always there if we need anything. His only comment to The State Journal Register’s remarks about him was “I’m not here to try my case in the press as I told them (The State Journal Register) and I’m telling you.”

Else wise its time to make some changes as The State Journal Register said. Its time to “set a precedent going forward on a lot of things”.

“Like it or not, much of what Springfield IL Exposed does is protected as free speech”.

Click Here To View the 10/08/2015 Front Page Of The State Journal Register (we are in the bottom right corner).

P.S. The State Journal Register what are you thinking at a $1 a paper? I haven’t bought a paper in years, but damn come on a $1!? Hell its smaller than it was before even. No wonder why traditional print media is going to shit. I hope my dollar helped out a lot, you know since you don’t even print locally anymore :(.

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