The Banned Jasen Manuele Son’s MEME!

Tonight we bring you the Jasen Manuele Son’s MEME that was banned from FaceBook. (Probably because Jasen used his 300 accounts to report it.)

We first want to remind you a quote from our Terms of Service.
“ is a site driven by user submitted content. is not responsible for the content submitted by its users. Users who submit content to agree to our terms of service.”

This MEME was submitted to us yesterday and normally we wouldn’t even go there with it, but concerning the circumstances around Jasen it was taken to a vote and was approved to be shared.


It has been brought to our attention from various sources including first hand witnesses, to court documents etc. That on more than one occasion Jasen Manuele has threatened to rape children. We find this pure disgusting, this man has a violent criminal background and continues to have people get order of protections against him and he violates them. This man seriously needs some help.

May this poor child grow up and be nothing like his father, lets all pray.

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2 Comments on "The Banned Jasen Manuele Son’s MEME!"

  1. Mindyourbissness | December 24, 2015 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Leave this man n his child alone, get a fucking life who ever is the owner of this site should be fucking arrested..dont be surprised if he kills bcz u are ruining his life, i would have ur head on a stick if u was ranting about me

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