The Award For First Arrest Of The Year Goes To… Devontia Demetrius Powell!

Thousands of people are booked every year into the Sangamon County Jail. On certain days (holidays) a heavier amount of bookings take place at the jail.

The same goes for New Years Eve into the early hours of New Years Day.

A reader sent in a message to us asking who was the first person arrested and placed into the Jail for 2016.

Well today we have that answer for you! His name is Devontia Demetrius Powell…DevontiaDemetriusPowell
Mr. Powell here was arrested and booked into the Sangamon County Jail by the Southern View Police Department. His charges were Driving on a Revoked Licenses and Possession of Cannabis.

According to the police report Southern View Officer Dewitt stopped Powell for failure to wear his seat belt. A Drivers Licenses check revealed Powell had a Revoked License and was arrested. Upon searching Powell Dewitt allegedly found a small baggie of cannabis in Powell’s pocket.

Well Mr. Powell I hope the rest of your new year goes better for you!

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