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So i went to thortons gas station at 2208 n peoria road today like i have everyday for the last 15 years, today i encountered the rudest person i have ever met. Her name was hilda, the same hilda from the posts on this site. I have a mental disability and she was making fun of me. Whats wrong with this lady? I cant never go in there again. The only problem is i cant drive because i am partially blind do to my brain injury, and thortons is real close to my house. I wish they would fire her, i dont know what to do. Someone please help me. Someone please call the manager there and explain this isnt right. Thanks i have to go to work at goodwill now. Thortons 2175256613

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  1. which shift does she work?

    • This thing happened around 1200 pm. I work at 200. Now i go to gas station down the street from my work. Bus drop me off at gas station and a walk 5 blocks to work cause of this. I dont handle problems well my caseworker told me there is mean people that make fun of people with down syndrome call me at 899-1718 ask for megan fox

      • the hilda fan club | June 7, 2018 at 10:51 am | Reply

        Megan I am truly sorry there are people in this world like Hilda reyes they are Monsters. She thinks she’s better than everybody else, even god probably it’s really sad she’s a lowest piece of dirt on the bottom of our Shoes, go on with your life don’t worry about her. she probably won’t work there long anyways employers seem to not want to keep her around long anyways because she steals from them even her own friends will tell you this is a thief from employers. Welcome to the hilda fan club!

      • Your jealous over what I have | June 23, 2018 at 3:55 am | Reply

        This is Hilda Reyes, first off I never worked at Thornton’s on Peoria rd during this time of what you said, and the gas station is not five blocks away from Goodwill, your a lier for real, and all who knows me, will tell anybody I’m not this way, towards anybody, whether or not they may have a disability, I’m the most politiset person, and friendiset person you will ever meet in life, your a spiteful person who only is out to slander my character, but guess again, I’m stronger then this, and your hidding your indenity for what reason? I’m happy to know I intimidate you by my presence, I’m happy to also know that many hates the ground that I walk on… but at the end of my day, God still loves me, and I still get the sleep I need … keep watching it gets better!!!

  2. have you lost your mind | June 5, 2018 at 1:20 pm | Reply

    you know Hilda does not even work at that store, in addtion she is never rude,nor disrespectful in any way. as far as im concern she is the most sweet hearted person I will ever know in life, just like all the other posts that you and many others had said of her, you are wrong, ive been one of her closes friends for five years or better, she went out her way to comfort many as they lost a close reletive, furture more she helps many people, she loves everybody including the ones who tries to give her charactor a bad name, she she loves people in general she goes out of her way, she goes over and beyound the call of duty for the general public, and for those who choses to talk about her negativly you must be jealous on what she does, she helps people not disrespects them, she is not the monster you pave her out to be, and may I ask your name who is claiming this, about Hilda? because apperantly your hiding you identity for a reason, you were asked what shift shes working and i ask the same question, your full of garage and you know it.. Hilda touched a handful of individuals and she went and keeps going out of her way for the public, so i will leave you with this, Hilda Reyes will never laugh at a person who battles any types of issues in life, get a life of your own and stop the nonsense, and get God in your life..

    • how about your name?

      • Hilda’s closest Friend | June 23, 2018 at 3:42 am | Reply

        How about you name what you cannot display your indentiy…. ha ha what a foolish person you are… my name is none of your business just know I’m one of Hilda’s closest friends …. Bastard child you are… too scared to say your name …

  3. Shut up Hilda, we all know it’s you.

  4. I’m pretty sure Hilda has never worked at that store on Peoria Rd while you posted this. Get your facts straight. I’m sorry your disabled and can’t walk… Obviously your mouth is making up for whatever disabilities you may have. O and I’m pretty sure the next gas station down the road is much further than 5 blocks anddddd I’m pretty sure walmarts gas station is right across the street from Goodwill. So you really wouldn’t have to walk far. But for you to be walking 5 blocks away from your job just seems unreal when you CLAIM “YOUR” DISABLED & CANT WALK. Soooooooo What did Hilda do?

    • Yourfeelingsarenotfacts | June 21, 2018 at 12:00 am | Reply

      They said they can’t drive, not that they can’t walk you illiterate piece of shit.

      • Listen here apperantly you have the issues with me, and sadly to say that whoever is talking shit has to hide their Indentiy for some reason, this is now Hilda Reyes, I’ve never done this stuff to another person, and Thornton’s is not five blocks away, from Goodwill and in fact, if anybody has an issue of walking this far maybe they should have somebody else go for them, in addition if this individual has an issues of many different problems she should had called the police the same day it happened because people who had a disability such as her has right and are protected by the law

      • You can’t read haha | June 23, 2018 at 3:45 am | Reply

        Your a fucking dumbass you should read what was said, they cannot walk, nor can they drive, do you have issues reading what was said…. I think second grade is calling your name dumbass

  5. Bottom line you all hate me for some reason are you jealous on what I am
    Doing in life? Or are you this bothered by my presence in general, I have never will never make fun of anybody, if anything I help a lot of people in society so place this in food for
    Thought and get a life….

    • Hilda have you been seeing your mental health counselor? I am worried about you, i think your anti psychotic medicine might need to be increased in dosage again. Its not your fault she was born the way she is. I got your back hilda because i still love you. I know what you was trying to do i seen it before. Hilda was trying to explain how she would grow out of her down syndrome, you see hilda also was a “special” child and her mother told her she grew out of it and to this day she belives it. Hilda please stop trying to make others with d.s. believe they will outgrow it.

  6. Keep watching it gets better | June 23, 2018 at 3:38 am | Reply

    It’s a shame that individuals has to talk behind a key board and hide their identity, are people that afraid of telling who they are, and so they have no life and who loves nothing more to gossip and tell lies, or is it that I’m truly hated in Springfield IL, and that are intimidated by me, ha I must be doing something right in order to have individuals talk about me and trying to reunin my character in society all of this junk and gossip for what purpose … this all makes me laugh and not only me many others who knows me on a more personal level… all I will say, keep watching it gets better, life for me is GREAT, and PRAISE GOD for this all

  7. how do you talk behind a keyboard? you’re a nutcase. i’ll give you this though, you’re not bright, but you are very amusing.

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