Tallula Illinois SEX OFFENDER ALERT!!! Jacob Guffey

(We will have better picture of him soon)

Mr. Guffey lives at 10957 Wankel Avenue Tallula Illinois 62688.

Mr. Guffey was convicted of a Class 1 Felony for Criminal Sexual Assault To Families.

We have received several emails about this man, and people wanting it to be know how “sick” he is.

The Victim in his crime was only 8 years old!! He was 28!!!

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2 Comments on "Tallula Illinois SEX OFFENDER ALERT!!! Jacob Guffey"

  1. Jakes biggest fan | February 15, 2016 at 5:38 pm | Reply

    Let’s use the word alleged since good ol jake wasn’t convicted of molesting her younger sister and jakes 3 year old daughter also in the same time period.
    Or that he admitted to molesting on a wire tap that was not used in court because he pled it out the day after another guy in Sangamon co got 20+ years for the same thing.

  2. i asked him why wouldn’t he do it to them and he said my sister was too stubborn and he would never do it to his own daughter

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