Stripping, Drugs, Theft, Criminal Damage To Property WOAH! Way To Go Elisa Michele Nix AKA Candy VU

Meet Elise Michele Nix aka Candy Vu!

So if you were a taken man working at a local restaurant and this girl…

Wanted to have sex with you in your car after work would you do it?

Who is the blame in a scenario like that? The Guy knowing he had family at home? Or the Stripper who also has a family at home and knows you do as well?

So who is this Elise Nix Girl?

She has a rather short criminal history with only 5 arrests in Sangamon County.
4/10/2016 For Misdemeanor Possession of Cannabis.
2/17/2016 For Traffic
10/26/2015 For Misdemeanor Retail Theft & Criminal Damage To Property.
7/16/2014 For Misdemeanor Retail Theft.
03/04/2015 For Misdemeanor Criminal Damage To Property.
Click Here To Read The Full Booking History!

Rumor has it she is also featured on the infamous Backpage Escort Section here in Springfield, and is using the club to turn tricks. We could not find and ad currently listed with her on it, but who knows we will keep an eye on it aswell ;).

Keep it classy Springfield!

EliseMNix EliseMNix1 EliseMNix2 EliseMNix3 EliseMNix4

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17 Comments on "Stripping, Drugs, Theft, Criminal Damage To Property WOAH! Way To Go Elisa Michele Nix AKA Candy VU"

  1. She looks cross eyed in the mug shot with the blue shirt on

  2. I wonder how much she charges

  3. She is pretty that’s to bad what a waste

  4. Carmyn Ann Giganti Paige Emily Zepp

  5. Stacey Dee Courville Emily Brandon

  6. Karma is a bitch, bitch.

  7. Well this sucks…I come to peep some drama because I’m bored AF and all there is,is bitches tagging other bitches

  8. Are these things even true ?

  9. Hoes gotta eat too…

  10. Cherry Blanton, wow

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