Stripping, Drugs, Child Abuse, Orgies, Escorting, Boy Oh Boy…

Springfield should be known for the best of the best when it comes to “classy” women.

We have the JUICIEST Springfield Exposed Story coming soon!

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9 Comments on "Stripping, Drugs, Child Abuse, Orgies, Escorting, Boy Oh Boy…"

  1. Sounds like the life story of Tonya King. #deadbeatmom #junkie #drugaddict #slut #dicksucker #lifetimestripper

  2. Jasen Manuale….You’re truly fucking ignorant. Are you ever going to grow the fuck up and quit harrassing me? Did you forget I have a 2yr no stalking order on your ass? I will throw your piece of shit ass in jail in a heartbeat so try me……

  3. Really funny Jasen Manuale…

  4. What’s funny is you can’t even get custody of your kids cause you’re such a deadbeat. Stop fucking the whole town with your sloppy pussy. Nevermind you couldn’t get dope if you closed your legs. Carry on! #dejavuslut #junkie #deadbeatmom #dopehead #gotyoassbeat

  5. What’s really funny is you continue smoking crack in your garage and harass people 24/7 don’t that shit get old? You think that hurts my feelings that I used to be a stripper??? Lmmfao wrong….Find some new material,slept with the whole town? You’re truly ignorant… Go finish crying over Angela,who doesn’t want your crackhead ass….When you gonna realize EVERYONE laughs at your goofy ass and all your post? My ex hubby will be out soon amd you will be dealt with soon enough stalker boy…

  6. Hey shrivel dick! Dont you have anything else better to do like say go get fucked or something?!? Stop running your damn mouth, man the hell up an maybe just maybe realize that you are in fact NOT in highschool anymore. Well then again a garando isnt much of a step forward in life but seriously Chump Change how about just pretend you are an adult for a moment an do the adult thing and stfu already! I mean im js bc the bullshit that spews from your uneducatef and disrespectful mouth is getting pretty old. I mean what adult sits on a computer not only part of the day but the ENTIRE day stalking other people and talking shit? Theres not one respectful working class person I know like that and to top toe arpund at night defacing and damaging other peoples property just bc you are mad? Lol. Get a hobby, get a job, get a life, an get off the god damned internet! Classless pos!

  7. This dirty ass stripper is still talking shit. We all know you sold that pussy for years but the best part is you can’t have custody of your kids cause you stay high. Since you is a broke hoe you gotta spread that pussy for drugs. You got money from sucking a cop off to get a car and you still broke ass fuck. At least my mom lets me live in her garage. Your mom kicked you the fuck out cause you’re so low in life. You’ll always be a deadbeat mom. Couldn’t show up to court cause you was too high & sucking dick. It’s a good thing the system took yo kids
    Angela never left me. She’s right here by my side. You mad you can’t keep a man?

  8. Let me correct you again Jasen Manuale….First off never in my fucking life have I ever sold myself for money or drugs PERIOD!Like I said…find some God Damn new material,I have NO PROBLEM ADMITTING I WAS A STRIPPER FOR 15 YEARS…You’re a crackhead living in your parents garage and have over 30 No stalking Orders filed on you….GET A FUCKING LIFE

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