Stolen Funds? Dicks In Tattoos? Robbing Peter To Pay Paul? – Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings

Only because so many people keeping messaging us on this we will make something short and simple on this.

So naturally there has been a lot of talk about Spiral Out recently. Here is all we have to say really.

Where the funds stolen? No…
Where they misappropriated to pay business expenses?  Yes
Was the money that was finally donated from a bank loan? Yes
Did Rachel tattoo a dick on someones neck? Sure did
Is there more dick tattoos? Probably who knows
Are the memes funny? Eh a little
Do we honestly care? No…
Did Spiral Out Sue Exposed? Umm no… They would need a large large loan for that.

Here is the thing, we are just a platform for freedom of speech and thought. What I will tell you the original submission was not done by “ex employees” or their “significant others”. To be honest we don’t care, as long as answers come to light which our story did do…

Congrats Springfield!

Remember anyone can send in a story to

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3 Comments on "Stolen Funds? Dicks In Tattoos? Robbing Peter To Pay Paul? – Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings"

  1. Although it’s a wee bit shady as long as they manned up, no harm no foul. The dick’s the price you pay for living in the 217. Everybody knows a big dick is our city theme…
    “Springfield, where everything is fucked.”

  2. They can be sued out of business for doing the dick tattoo if the person didnt request it. What a nice way to ruin your professional reputation.

  3. Sugar coating a theft. Way to go. Sounds like you know well how to use a “Government cover-up story”. Karma always wins in the end.

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