Stephanie Adcock Seidelman! Worthless “mother” Heading back to Prison

Everybody will be better off when her Nasty Ass goes back where she belongs in a month! That’s where you belong! 8 felonies? I’m sure there’s more. Let’s play a game and see who can find the ALL?


Well… – T

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14 Comments on "Stephanie Adcock Seidelman! Worthless “mother” Heading back to Prison"

  1. That chin mole a felony in Ellenoy?

  2. She look like Eminem with a Curt Cobain wig. Class XX felony

  3. She doesn’t look like she has a soul. Just an empty shell of shit.

  4. I know why she’s so ugly, she ‘adcock..but then she had it removed.

  5. Right up there with Tiffany Dougherty

  6. Didn’t she give d woods da clap…..funlony

  7. Horse named Bill | January 1, 2018 at 2:05 pm | Reply

    Thank you for not posting nudes

  8. #whoslookinafoolnow | January 1, 2018 at 11:13 pm | Reply

    this fucking website is a crock of shit and just for people who dont have the balls to tell the so called exposed person shit to their face. so they go behind a fucking webiste like a chicken shit and post this shit and anyone believes shit they read on this webiite are real bright and have nothing better to do with their life but hide behind websites and glass screens. GET A FUCKING LIFE OR AT LEAST GROW A PAIR AND CONFRONT YOUR ISSUES FACE TO FACE. now your dumb ass opened up more unnecessary drama and in the long run you will end up looking a fool LIKE ALWAYS

  9. It must really upset “whoslookinafoolnow” when somebody is REAL. Her record speaks for itself. Nothing bad was said and you get butt hurt. When it comes down to it, you will all be alone in the end.

  10. Horse named Bill | January 6, 2018 at 12:18 pm | Reply

    Wow nice mugshot

  11. While this story is true, the person who submitted it, is a meth addict and a meth dealer, who has been busted and seems to never go to court….because she talks, she also was dating a guy named Travis who elt with the women in story, has herpes, so does she, she also thinks she’s is God’s gift, when she’s really just a loud mouth meth addict , and a total hypocrite, that has no room pointing fingers…..she was a carnival princess once , slutted it up to much and got her crown taken away ha ha

  12. Shannon Corwin. Your day is approaching fast. Travis Allen, I will be seeing you very soon as well. Although I’m not in Stephanie’s life right now I will still ensure that people like you get what you deserve. Deuces, stay white.

  13. It’s pretty cold outside. Shannon, Travis, how does a nice fire sound to warm up with and catch up on old times??

  14. I think its time all the nasty videos and pictures of ms.corwin get put online. Show the world how truly manly the nasty shan-man really is. I bet Travis is the real woman in the relationship. Come on….who’s got the pictures!!!

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