Stay Clear of St.John’s ER Nurse (Sarah Dawdy)

Beware of this slut; 10/10 will ruin your life. Good news if you’re looking for a quick hook up she’s your girl. I will leave her contact info below if you feel you need her services. Let it be known she is not exactly clean down there if you catch my drift but good news for you. She works at St. Johns so she has connections to get you taken care of.
Lives – Jacksonville, IL
Work – St. Johns Hospital
Cell- 217-371-9956
Facebook -
Snapchat – pbof182
Instagram – s.dawdy

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3 Comments on "Stay Clear of St.John’s ER Nurse (Sarah Dawdy)"

  1. Nice perky tities, would love to duck on them

  2. Seems like someone got friend zoned after the fact.

  3. I’d like to see more pics

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