State Representative Lashawn K. Ford Preying on Women?

Due to the current exposure of many political scandals and sexual harassment this story has come to light, Illinois State Representative Lashawn K Ford using IDOT employees for personal pleasure. Recently found, Former IDOT Legislative Affairs Employee Mrs. Emily Aldrich, formally known as Ms. Emily Preston resigned from her position at IDOT for having an affair with Mr. Ford. Was this Sexual harassment? Or was it a possible attempt at sleeping her way to the top? Regardless this a constant reminder of how corrupt Illinois politics are. According to sources Ms. Preston quit her job after being found out by her co workers and peers. Sources also say that this affair was being held on state time using state paid cell phones. The corruption doesn’t stop there, apparently the former Tax Evader Lashawn K Ford has been since continuing to pursue more and more Legislative employees. When will this Stop Illinois?
Rut Roh! – R

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