Springfield’s OP Queen Finds Her King – Jennifer Lynn Green

You may remember Mrs. Green from her Domestic Battery Charge she was arrested for on 5/2/16. Under the influence while holding her baby in her arms.

Jennifer Lynn Green Put That Bottle Down And Chill Out!

Mrs. Green admits to be beating up her boyfriend on her Facebook page


Lately her and Springfield Internet Gangster  have been getting very close. Mr. Maunele sent Jennifer flowers to her work and they have been spotted together. Jennifer is also attacking Springfield’s Infamous Keyboard Gangster’s girlfriend Angela Davis as it looks like she may be out with Jennifer’s boyfriend. Once Jasen Manuele sent her flowers the nude pictures started rolling in. Flowers is all it took!?!?!? What a love triangle we have going on here!!!FullSizeRender (2)
FullSizeRender (1)

It’s not surprising to us that Mrs. Green would be with Springfield’s Infamous Keyboard Gangster since the both of them are known for the amount of OP’s they have received or try to get on people. They might be in a race for who can waste the most tax dollars!

Several sources have written in about Mrs. Green neglecting her children, stating her last baby was born positive for cocaine. Another source say she pushed her son down the stairs and left him there for 3 days before he was taken to the hospital by someone other than Mrs. Green. These are just a few the stories written into us they are extremely gruesome of the things she does to these children. Wonder who she is taking care of at the DCFS office to keep her children in her custody? Springfield’s keyboard gangster is a known rapist and still showers with his 5 year old son.


Mrs. Green works at Oak Terrace Nursing Home… Would you want your loved ones being taken care of by this kind of monster?

Keep it Classy Springfield

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15 Comments on "Springfield’s OP Queen Finds Her King – Jennifer Lynn Green"

  1. Let us pray that they don’t reproduce or at best not in his parents garage.

  2. There is a God, and The All Mighty does not like ugly, aka jg…

  3. Funny none of the B’s is true what so ever. Find a real job frfr. I do not work at that nursing home and haven’t for awhile so get your stories straight.

  4. John won’t you ever move on? We divorced in 2004 get over me already. Don’t you have a wife???

  5. Damnnnnn this bitch is ate the fuck up! That mugshot she is high as a kite on something. Someone better get those kids away from her that’s a shame… Smh! Exposed where do you find these ugly ass people?

  6. Jenn why you bringing John into this. Didn’t he file for divorce? You can’t ever admit your faults? You been fucking a guy that’s admitted he has herpes & going back to Joe. It seems to be a pattern that JM only fucks the ugliest a bitches in town that no one else wants. He don’t get pussy he gets STD’s

  7. Now this is a love triangle no one wants to miss! These 4 should just get married & call it a day

  8. Mrs. Jasen Manuele Jasen

  9. I’m so ashamed I ever lived in Springfield!

    Thanks for the free entertainment though!

    keyboard gangstas! – from Cali

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