Springfield Woman (Prego) SHOT 6 TIMES on 1ST AND ASH Today – GANG VIOLENCE PLEASE STOP

A springfield woman who was prego just got shot 6 times by some thugs after arguing with them on 1st and ash.


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61 Comments on "Springfield Woman (Prego) SHOT 6 TIMES on 1ST AND ASH Today – GANG VIOLENCE PLEASE STOP"

  1. what is this world comming to… was that pregnant woman that much of a threat????

  2. This is frigging insane

  3. This shit is out of control, this town needs cleaned up,

  4. Angela So Good Caldwell

  5. We need the mayor to appoint a Gang Task Force…..stop denying there are Chicago gangs down here

  6. Wow! I have no words for this! This is ridiculous. Springfield needs cleaned up

  7. And the police say we have a “group” problem. It is all about guns drugs and gangs

  8. Wow!!!! Thats right down the street… Cops still have it blocked off up thee

  9. Saniah Perkins Makiah Perkins reason why I didn’t want y’all walking around. This happened earlier today

  10. And it was over nothing…so sad

  11. The girl was arguing with the group of guys or maybe just one of them and she got shot six times

  12. Time to leave this town. It’s out of control. Not safe to raise children.

  13. Tara Hupp smdh!!! Its getting crazy here

  14. How is it their fault

  15. Elizabeth Warrner 🙁

  16. Davlin’s great decision to cut the police force years ago was the beginning. Gangs from Chicago took notice. It may be unstoppable now

  17. I read she passed away, lord the town has gone crazy, so glad I moved when I did!!

  18. Right down the street from me 🙁

  19. There was no arguing at least we could here right across the alley it seems to have been a random drive by she was getting out of the car. Jimmy came running to see if me and Cole were OK I alreadt literally threw Cole in the house Jim went running to were the shots came from then somebody yelled she is pregnant I made sure the doors were locked so Cole couldn’t get out. It was bad. We tried to help till EMT got there but it wasn’t enough and we had detectives knocking on the door about a hour ago

  20. ohh i see now everyone wants the cops?

  21. Springfield has always been a half way house. Look at majority of the new occupants that reside in that town. They are either from Chicago or they are from California. I seriously love the main responses too. Get out of Springfield run hide turn your back. That’s exactly why it’s the shit hole it is. Springfield’s own native residence treating their city exactly like the politicians voted to take care of it. One thing I miss about living there. Where I lived no matter we as in the entire block or several was a community. Watched each other’s backs. Took care of one and other. Tended to each other’s kids and helped one and other any way we could. And if you came on our block and messed with one. You messed with all. And all would do or work together to get your ass gone. We didn’t turn our back, we didn’t run nor hide. Fought back. Police can only do so much and be there when notified. They can’t do their job if people are turning their backs or running. They need our help just as much as we need them. I’m not saying by far call the cops cause homie over here smoking a joint or Carl down the street ran his mouth to Earl. So Earl gave him a good old fashion ass whooping. The real shit. The shit that is costing us on a day to day basis loved ones , family, security, peace of mind and money. This in reality is all of our faults and specially kids killing kids in some recent incidents is flat out parents fault.

  22. Right down the street from my house. Shit is getting ignorant as hell.

  23. Blake Edwards this what the shooting by gabbys was!!

  24. The prego girl was a co worker of mine from what I heard they saved her baby but she didn’t make it. We will miss her!!!

  25. So sad and yes the baby did survive

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