Springfield Uber Driver Who Exposed Himself To Rider FOUND GUILTY – Adam Stevenson

Remember Adam  Stevenson?

We featured him on WANTED FUGITIVE ALERT – ADAM R. STEVENSON previously.

After a BENCH Trial yesterday Mr. Stevenson was FOUND GUILTY of  Exposing Himself to a Uber Rider back in June, 2015.

Mr. Stevenson was only charged with various misdemeanors and faces up to a year in the Sangamon County Jail. His sentencing is scheduled for a date in the future.

A man who was driving for the ride-hailing service Uber was arrested by Springfield police after allegedly exposing himself to a female passenger.

Adam R. Stevenson, 29, of the 1600 block of Seven Pines Road, was removed as an Uber driver after police notified the company of the incident.

Police took a report from a 30-year-old woman who said the driver of an Uber vehicle exposed and touched himself while she was a passenger. The woman and her husband had contacted Uber for a ride from downtown Springfield, and after the driver picked them up, he allegedly exposed himself while the woman was beside him in the front seat.

Police said Stevenson never touched the victim.

Detectives contacted Stevenson , and after questioning, he was arrested for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and taken to the Sangamon County Jail. After sitting in the Sangamon County Jail for a few months he posted a $25,000 cash bond and fought the case from the streets until his 06/05/2017 Trial before the Honorable Judge Perrin of the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois. Mr. Stevenson is currently out on bond pending sentencing.

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  1. Nick Deranged what is ya doin’ baby?

  2. RayRay Abouthispaypay Price this why I say I don’t trust uber

  3. I remember when this happened. It was a lady I knew back then. What where the charges?

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