Springfield MEN & WOMEN BEWARE Of Lisa Mann

Meet Lisa Mann one of Springfield’s Classiest Women!

Lately we have received NUMEROUS emails and messages about this  lady.  One of the emails read “Medical records have PROVED that Lisa Mann has been HIV positive since 2014, with being hospitalized for low t cell counts, treated for multiple stds , and a comment ” if I got the death sentence, everyone’s going to have it!” She needs to be exposed only because she’s out here having sex with multiple men who are more than likely unknowingly catching the virus and spreading it further and further. This is not a “rumor” and if medical records were not confidential I’m sure the person who has access would expose them self by sending them in to you, but she will not loose her job to expose her.”

So what do you know about Ms. Mann? What is really going on Springfield!?

Lets talk about it in the comments below, and look forward to our Springfield Exposed Followup!

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274 Comments on "Springfield MEN & WOMEN BEWARE Of Lisa Mann"

  1. Shannon Preciado-Smith

  2. Sangamon County Department of Public Health will be packed tomorrow!

  3. Skye Erwin Kaitlynn Elizabeth Kloeden

  4. Lol yes it will !! I knew she had herpes not hiv guess she burnin double time

  5. She needs some dairy

  6. Taira Higgerson u see this shit? Smh

  7. Amber Duewer Camm Deneshwa Hannah Franklin Tracy Wells George Duewer

  8. Omg Cuz Mellisa Lawrence

  9. Flava Flav called he wants his 80z grill back

  10. Quetta Chocolatechina Dickerson


  12. Man this post some whole bs…you basic ass bitches ain’t gont shit on my aunt that’s why you broke back ass bitches try to bring her down…grow tf up yall childish aab..

  13. Never have unprotected sex or any sex with ugly people.

  14. Lhh hoes ashley roach lindsey Cisco and tone if she did have anything yall need to expose yoselfs cause yall stay fucking behind her lmfao never was she hospitalized for nothing besides for her kids lol and never was diagnosed for nothing so keep hating stupid hoes

  15. Kayla Erwin Leanna Douglas

  16. Plz do lhh u bitches are sick show papers plz do

  17. aint she married or wasnt she married to somebody who fuck with everybody?

  18. If she got it, all this girls tagging each other on here do 2. Cause y’all sleep with the same fuck boys

  19. And if yall wanna talk start on shay hays skye erwin haley lmfao all yall fucking after her smdh yall that jelous

  20. I know alot of people who have stayed with her and they all said she didn’t take any meds and I know that if she had hiv she would be on 8 or more pills a day so the anonymous person should reveal the test results with anonymity all facilities and doctors name can be blacked out just saying if they have proof and want to state it they should at least share it. Hell let others tell it I’ve had hiv three times from three different people lol

  21. Oh can’t forget tara newton lhh so keep exposing yall shit lol

  22. True Banji Abitogun

  23. She FINALLY made it to Springfield exposed lhh

  24. I’ll b back I need my enormous bag of popcorn

  25. Message us your stories about any #Dirty #Nasty #NoGood #Hoes

  26. Look at all these dudes that keep saying mfs lying. But did u go get checked?? If this is true that’s some triflin shit. Fr

  27. Whoever fuckin after her need to get checked Gwaf . Period

  28. It is trifling but all they doing is hating on mfrs cause she don’t fuck with them

  29. If you clowns think for a second this was made up by someone who is “hating” or fucked after her then you are slow as fuck.

  30. They said they saw medical records

  31. Friends better be bleaching & lysoling they toilets and shit

  32. Emma White *shaking finger at Devin*

  33. I ain’t fucking after that bitch bcuz I don’t mess with fuck boys and far from jealous of that HIV spreading hoe

  34. Some of my family knows her personally sooooo I’m not worried she got some whether it’s hiv or not !!

  35. This some trifling low down dirty ass shit for a mtfer to PURPOSELY hand out that Death Sentence *smh

  36. Any body can say they “saw medical records, if your going say some shit like this about someone, back that shit up with proof, not hear say… Rumors like this can fuck up someone life… It’s an anonymous page and because it’s on the internet, everyone believes it. Simple minded

  37. Y’all sound dumb as fuck show the facts instead of he said she said shit come on no facts have been put out its everyone talking about this girl until facts are proven why post anything cause in reality if you have no proof no documentation you have nothing


  39. Man,for those of yall know,she have it yall can report her…cause,its a crime to know,that you are sick and keep spreading it..springfield small enough..yall need to help each other for once in yall life dam!!!can proof be presented??if,not yall shouldn’t destroy her life.. Or save another person

    • Thank you…since springfield exposed is the one with the alleged medical records they should report it. Or tell the girl who risked their job to send them this girls medical records to report it

  40. LOL for the ones saying its a lie you might want to get checked cause ya dumbass probably caught that shit

  41. They ain’t seen shit

    • I don’t know you but this sad that ppl spreading stuff with no proof
      You are Springfield most hated

  42. I’m pray for y’all

  43. All ya guys just mad cause yall can’t get her


    • You obviously have no life. Hopefully it’s your house next.

      • no aactually after they pulled up on her we went over there and yep i had the crowbar since nikki cameout w a knife then a gun and it was 4 of us 4 of them all i said was yall steady coming 4 deep fight her one on one and wasnt no kids in the car seems they were all swimming i think all this shits down right discraceful and everybody needs to look in the mirror before they all talk about lisa period. Im done w this shyt but i had to clearify the situation beong talked about

  45. Idk this girl but I work.medical.records for a clinic and you sign a confidential paper saying you won’t share anything you all need to think about how safe your records are and tjis lady needs to contact her dr and report a hipaa violation this is straight bs

    • I agree about hipa, I will say someone clearly posted her medical records on Feb so there is the proof, second at the public health dept. If you have been tested and you are on file to be tested positive at anytime someone comes in to be tested and names you as a partner then they publish your name, because you are intentionally handing down your own death sentence to someone else without there knowledge that is against the law.

  46. white guys should be safe looks like she likes dark meat ghetto ass bitch

  47. Thomas Crim is this psychos friend??

  48. This is on pace for 1000 comments by midnight!!! LMAO

  49. Lhh the hoes that posted it just ran go on fb check out video lol and pls whomever got a the proof pls post it let me see

  50. As for cory painter you fucked after her to lmfao

  51. How tf Vickie Mann gonna tag me lmao I’ve never fucked behind Lisa ever so stop tagging me in this shit please and thank you

  52. Show documents proving it pls lhh yall can’t haters

  53. Ya’ll stay talkin about this girl but when it comes down to it and your man cheat on you with her, Ya’ll still fuck with him. Then got nerve to get mad at her. Like that shit backwards as fuck. I don’t know the bitch and couldn’t give a fuck less about her but some of Ya’ll need to reevaluate your own choices.

  54. Typical ….wanna be ass bitch lol…she got black balls hanging from her gold grill haaaaaa

  55. You know the homies will still be trying to get with her lol .

  56. Did her mom just say people are mad because they can’t have her.well I beg to differ not only is she on exposed but I’ve seen her name come across fb having stds many of times.of u are a good mom your would tell your daughter to shut her legs and have respect herself.im in my 30s and know one has ever posted I have stds.and I’ve see her she is very raunchy and she goes with some sick looking men a diff one every week.and to her mom I heard u are just as bad maybe u need to take a trip to the clinic

  57. Iktr they do but she ain’t going she gotta man

  58. Just to put it out there. No one would an hiv list expect the county health dept. But the person who tested negative can always post papers showing that they are non reactive js

  59. Honestly here,didn’t the grill thing fade out of the popular it thing like 10 years ago? I blame nelly for this horrible fad… smile for me daddy,what you looking at, I wanna see ya negative papers.. you wanna see my what?! But seriously.. knowingly passing H.I.V is a crime.. I suppose if the show fits.. lace that shut up and put it on am I right?!

  60. Whoever said they saw her medical records and told the website about it just lost their job. The hospital can find out who looked at her records and what and day and they will be fired. She needs to report a HIPPA violation too. People need to be smart about what thwy are doing trying to embarrass people and end up embarrassing themselves.

    • We have been sitting on this story for awhile, they will have a fun time digging for who sent it to us.

      • Its not as hard as you think. They actually have people in the hospital that it is there job to find out who accessed records, all she has to do is give up a name and I’m sure she probably knows. In the hospital you can’t even look at records to find out who has been admitted without them finding out you looked at them.

        • You got that right and we already have two names to give hoes get mad at eachother and get to talking as a matter a fact she has to meet w the people today to get this dealt with and she recorded skye erwin apologizing to her on the phn last night as she was trying to blame it all on tara her dumb ass just pretty much fucked her own cousin by asking her to look up lisa records so yes she taking care of it and they will all lose their credentials period

  61. Paperwork would definitely be nice…but in a case like this, probability is enough for me. This is not a rumor that just popped up out of nowhere. This has been being said for a while from alot of people….im not normally a follower and im definitely not narrow minded. I understand people make shit up…but this is a matter of life or death and im not playing russian roullette with my life. Lisa has had sex with more than half of springfield so it is very possible she has it. Fuck all the he said she said….take this as a warning. 9 out of 10 people that have HIV would never just willing admit to it. Because of shit like this…we are all at risk. Be smart about who you have sex with, and be safe in doing so. Because when its all said and done even if she does have it, shes not the only one. So if you catch it…you have nobody to blame but yourself for being careless with your actions and your body. I have made stupid choices in life and thank god they have not came with a price tag like this. This world is coming to s fucking end. Rs

  62. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaaha.

  63. Her mama better get checked to they have had a couple of the same men.vicki man says they are coming to help with yard work

  64. Who turned her in???i imagine half of springfield!!!!omg they are so dross who would touch them

  65. Practice safe sex!!! If a guy or girl is willing to sleep with you and you don’t know them ask yourself, “How many people has this person been with?”

  66. The only thing positive in her life is an STD test…. Such a shame. ..

  67. Wheres the proof??

  68. Anyone who hiv positive only take one pill not 8. And depending on there counts…. they could be positive and fuk unprotectively and wouldn’t pass it….. but if the lady does have hiv. She could Sue whoever is slandering her name. Js

  69. Wait on it yall gonna feel dumb af lhh

  70. But for real tho… alot of these girls out here chasing dick.. when some of all should be chasing jesus… cause y’all need a positive influence and a damn role model other than the Kardashians…. lhhbvvs

  71. Wats up with the mfr saying they have proof ooops they don’t but bet yo asses it will be up soon wait on it then she gonna get paid so thanks yall

  72. Shouldn’t you be in a yoga class or something?

  73. Shouldn’t you stick with your bfs

  74. Friends?! LMAO in order to have those you’d have to trust someone else and nah. I trust none.other than me
    But hey… you,should get some rest so you,could make it to the cracker barrel in the am to get that early bird special

  75. You sa it made up but it on public health warning so its not made up… Hello can you not read facts or what……if you been with her get checked …thats all anyone should be considering. ..

  76. damn, who left the bag of hoodrats open, never seen so much white trash and wannabes in one place in my life, can we get a translator in here? I don’t speak ghetto.

  77. Y everytime I Comment on here my shit be gone?

  78. Right Naomi Painter someone fucking w your shot

  79. 690 shares and counting….

  80. How are all these comments posted today at 7 something pm and it’s only 620?

  81. If it was 2014 she would be in an advanced stage. I have cared for hiv patients and never seen someone who had it for that long take one pill a day if that’s the case she is very blessed to not have progressed more rapidly. I mean no pneumonia,no colds, no weight loss no vomiting g she is very blessed if that’s the case

  82. They need have a site where u can run someone name and that shit pop up !!

  83. Not sure if its true or not but I know a person who people were saying this about a few years back and it wasn’t true. Her ex made it up. She was called every name in the book.

  84. Lisa Stapleton Keshia Pitts

  85. For the girl who said you take One pill a day If it was 2014 she would be in an advanced stage. I have cared for hiv patients and never seen someone who had it for that long take one pill a day if that’s the case she is very blessed to not have progressed more rapidly. I mean no pneumonia,no colds, no weight loss no vomiting g she is very blessed if that’s the case

  86. Lisa Mann tried to prove herself by going to the 5th street traveling AIDS truck wrapped a bandage around her finger and said I don’t have aids

  87. Silly girl tricks are for hoes they don’t prick your finger to test for AIDS they draw blood!!!now that was funny

  88. You don’t progress that fast anymore and or is one pill and vitamins and I’m sure know one was watching her every move to see if she took meds.and I’m sure that is the same excuse your gonna give her for all the other 999 stds this girl has had.u guys act like this is her first rodeo

  89. Very true Naomi Painter

  90. Lisa I’m sorry that people are saying such hurtful things u are human we all fuck up keep ur head up

  91. As for chrissy Hobbs you a nasty hoe that fucks with girls men tf

  92. Shit that Chrissy Hobbs girl has that package to.my kid was getting caught up on their shots that bitch came out crying.

    • Ummm excuse me bitch. Who the fk r u? U don’t know me. U ain’t see me at no Dr office crying. I got my shit ckd over a month ago bcuuz silly clowns like to lie ill gladly post my results when I get off wk

  93. And the sad thing is these bitch have hiv working in health care.chrissy Hobbs running around telling everyone she has to move for various reasons.the bitch has bed bugs.i don’t know who is worse Lisa or chrissy

  94. And chrissy hobbs moving from her home very soon the landlord said her house is so infested with bedbugs u can see them on her matters.and just to think these bitches work in healthcare ill be calling public health to have them businesses checked.

  95. What a messwhite trash highway. Do you people even see how you speak or live? Get just a little class in your lives.

  96. You know Lisa,Billie,Chrissy and Vicki all slept with the same man so all of them have that package.

  97. If Vickie mann or anyone has sum to say about me I’m rite here boo boo…

  98. Wow I got bed bugs and I got that package and I mess w ppls men Rite. Ok ok glad y’all know so much. Ill b posting my papers when I get off

  99. Funny how all the posts about me don’t have no profile picS. Haters… I know its one of 3 bitches n ill b to holla at u

  100. so what 3 women are you gonna go after all 3 of the ones you slept with their man.chrissy you slept with men lisa mann slept with and billie sooooo what do you have to say about that.and im not a girl im a man and my profile page is fake because i want you no where around my chrildren.you are always starting shit on facebook and now that the tables are turned you want to talk about who you are going to fight.stop crying chrissy and if you ever come around my wife with your bed bugs i will personally find you.and tell chris to get himself checked to.

    • plz inform me who I fkd plz do. And if ur such a big man show who u r. who’s ur wife n kids?? Wtf r u even talking about? idk where ur getting ur info but ur so wrong. Chris can get ck bitch I got my results rite here n my phone and I been sent them to Chris new bitch. So unless u can b a man if that’s wat u r say who you r u coward mf pussy

    • R u fr rite now this has to b sum dumb cluck female that’s mad. I wk n go home don’t do shit I got my test results rite here boo boo so say wat u want w ur fake pg to scared to say who u r. Awwww

  101. Am I the only one who can’t get over how her mother talks? I’d be embarrassed as hell if my mom talked like that . Shit I’m embarrassed for the girl

  102. How do I add pics on here?

  103. I can’t see her I blocked her months ago… But ur right. Smh

  104. Wat would you do or say if you had a daughter and ppl were doing this to her I’m a mom and gonna speak up on it that’s my job

  105. Weeeelllllll I’m jenny from the block and I don’t ever put my input unless it is important to help the community.I have an 8 year old daughter first off she would never put herself out there to be on exposed because this mama would beat that ass.plus she is taught to respect herself and others.and I’ll tell u what if I ever heard my daughter ever did anything like this I swear to god I will be in jail.but have know worries because my little girl will not do that shit because she was taught not to!!!!js and everyone can’t be lying half of spfld has comments on this!!!bit I’m gonna go now I don’t want to be banned like I am everywhere else.but jenny from the block has spoken so that’s all that matters feel special❤️❤️❤️take a bow jenny u are the shit

  106. Ppl so worried about Lisa Mann. Half of you so called women commenting dnt have shit they self and sleeping around. She done helped a few of y’all. Cuz you was homeless and your kids was staying at her house. Let this lady be a live her life you mad a her for what be mad at your man not her. Y’all got to much time on y’all hands. Put this time in getting a job a house and get y’all kids back and take care of them and stop beefing over a man that’s going to keep using you and cheating

  107. Amen Ashley Williams

  108. Ashley Williams amen im sitting back cause mfs are gonna feel stupid asf wen im done so until then CONTINUE plz

  109. It’s more to life then drama. Ppl need to worry about they self

  110. Iktr they worry bout a mfr that they don’t even now lhh

  111. Oh did she threaten to sue too?
    Is it me or is it not that hard to know the difference between “no & know”? It’s illegal to go around dropping off STD’s in people’s private areas

  112. #nomoresuckingandfucking

  113. Everyone is acting like this is the first time it’s ever been heard of.i don’t even know her but I’ve been hearing about her for a while.they even had 2 private groups about her.thats badddd!!!but I’m jenny from the block and I need to go feed my unicorns

  114. Carmen Jones these comments

  115. All you all on here saying post the paper how would you all feel your private medical records are posted on social media…there are ways the IT dept can find out any one the viewed her records there will be internal investigations done and the person that violated a federal law is facing prison time and a fine up to 25,000 dollars….I hope that person his caught cause it makes me sick that someone trusted with such personal private info would stoop so low to blast it on top of that they had to of printed it of or emailed it trust they will be found out

  116. O-kay let me start off saying whom ever is behind this is dumb as fuck… you have how many articles on how many people floating around on the web from this springfield exposed thisfalls in the lines of slander which is illegal… you see two men walkn the streets holding hands do u call them out for being gay no why cause it is pretty obvious of what the sexual preference is in this couple but it is also considered a hate crime and slander which is punishable by law… but not only that u are stating there is a medical record that states this fact oh and thats where hippa comes into effect… you probably need to just come on up outta grandmas basement hinding behind this petty ass web link and show just cause of why you are slandering people left and right… like seriously do u have nothing better to do with you life but sit behind a computer all day how about exposing yourself… do u have a glass eye… are u a gimp… do u have little dino arms… are u a burn victim… do u have a penis growing from your forehead… seriouly people every person on here is reading and believing what this person is writing about all these people well why hasn’t this person exposed there self I can tell you why this mother f***** ain’t had pussy sence pussy had him so to make them feel better about there sorry excuse for a life they get online on the daily and slander the shit out of people… I personally do not know the people that are being slandered because I live in peoria not springfield… but if you really are a cock hopper yo probably need to just go ahead and put yourslef to sleep permantly so u are not killing people with your internal juices… for a mother to hop on a sight where her daughter is being slandered and all she can come up with is people are just jealous cause they want her daughter and cant have her will lets just say me being a mother I am oblivious to your way of standing up for your child

  117. So Lisa’s mom post a pic of her at the health department.writes on her Facebook it your face hoes negative.then deletes all her comments on a status our lawyer said don’t post the results!!!im sorry if everyone was. Saying I have AIDS in posting them results.i haven’t seen none of these girls post their negative results!!!!lol Vicki was just talking shit now she’s deleting her comments.guilty you guys crack me up.thank god people are aware of u gals running around with hiv.you talk about hippa it is also illegal to give people AIDS.and u guys can’t afford a lawyer what did you guys to sale the broken down porch off your roach infested trailer.

  118. Rebecca England | August 1, 2016 at 6:26 pm | Reply

    Nobody saying shit now WTF

  119. All of you in the “medical field” should know that it is HIPAA and not HIPPA.smh

  120. Anyone got anything to say since she posted the NEGATIVE paper lol

  121. Looks like she wakes up every morning and brushes her teeth with a black dick

  122. Hoop earrings, cornrows, and gold teeth. She’s hot wonder how she got that shit. Probably fuckin dirty ass mofos that fuck each other on the “down low”

  123. I wonder if this is as good as her finger prick test.that girl put herself out there.shut your legs.a rumor is a couple days this has been on fb for almost 3 years.what about the test she just had her kids around guns and bats.she is still trash

  124. And why only half the paper let’s see the rest what about the rest of the stds.

  125. Idk who this chick is but its not the first time I’ve heard of her but i do know she looks dumb af wit dat grill in her mouth she looks 2 old 4 dat shit str8 ratchet smh had 2 b a white girl thinking u look cute but u only look a hot fuckin mess smfh lmfao ✌

  126. Ummm if ya so worried about an std maybe y’all should be getting TESTED before having intercourse, common sense people. Just prevent it!!! Smh

  127. You ain’t bout that life. Neither was she when she came to my house. I’m certified. What she got ain’t. Pull MY CARD YOU WANT TOO

  128. that damn girl ain’t got nothin she posted her results

  129. Till they show actual proof this is a serious lawsuit she can file

  130. Wow this is crazy, people need to be aware to protect themselves and have safe sex.

  131. Thelonious Monster | August 2, 2016 at 10:48 am | Reply

    Seriously the mother of this woman is making the whole situation worse. She talks like a trash bag . If that was my mother I’d muzzle her ass. Then I’d call Oprah and ask to give her some classy lady lessons or a makeover or a sponsor bc drinking nady light without a bra on talking like she’s a wankster isn’t appealing …. Way to go mom …. I mean grandma …. I mean trashbag

  132. doninick rios | August 2, 2016 at 10:53 am | Reply

    Oh hell noooooo

  133. Thelonious Monster | August 2, 2016 at 10:56 am | Reply

    Did my comment go thru

  134. Darci Simmons Welch

  135. If she posted her results and she is clean… Shouldn’t this be taken down!! That’s defamation of character…

  136. She can have a low enough viral load she could test negative

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