Springfield Meet Your Local Champion FaceBook Psycho!

The story many people have been waiting for! Springfield IL Exposed.com Brings you Jasen Michael Manuele!

Boy oh boy where we do even start with this man…

Lets start with his Order of Protections. This man has had around 20 Order of Protections filed against him in recent years! 5 of them already in 2015! According to court documents the petitioners in the Order of Protections alleged that Mr. Manuele has done things from threating to rape and kidnap young children, told the victims what kind of cars they drive and that he was going to bust all the windows and slice all the tires, telling victims to kill themselves, showing up unannounced at their houses, following their kids home from school, etc. These statement have also been reiterated to us in our interviews with private sources.

In  June of 2014 Mr. Manuele was found guilty for Violating an Order Of Protection! He later filled an appeal on it, but nothing has happened. He is currently on probation for this conviction.

In July of 2011 Mr. Manuele was found guilty of Retail Theft. According to one source close to the case, they stated to us that Mr. Manuele was very dope sick at the time and committed the crime allegedly to obtain money to buy more crack. Looking at his mug shot from this arrest, you can tell he is a little out of it.

In May of 2009 Mr. Manuele was found guilty with Unlawful Use of a Credit Card. According to the same source they stated this was allegedly another drug addiction “hype” crime. He ended up getting a sentence of 18 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

In February of 2001 Mr. Manuele was indicted  by the Sangamon County Grand Jury on 1 count of Manufacture / Delivery of a Controlled substance. He later plead out to 3 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

In June of 2001 Mr. Manuele was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

In September of 2001 Mr. Manuele was found guilty of Criminal Damage to Property.

In August of 2009 Mr. Manuele was charged with Possession of Cannabis.

In March of 2007 Mr. Manuele was Charged with Aggravated Kidnapping & Unlawful Restraint! He later plead out to just the Unlawful Restraint and was sentenced to PROBATION! Which in return he violated and was terminated unsuccessfully. Funny his prosecutors on that case where none other than then Assistant States Attorneys Peter Cavanagh & John Milhiser!

In March of 1999 Mr. Manuele was found guilty of Telephone Harassment! What a shocker, computers weren’t common then and even then he harassed people using some form of communication!

What a history… And it goes to show in our opinion just by looking at it in a third party view its very hard not to believe what all these people are coming to us telling. You know when one or two people tell us something its easy to brush them away. When around 20 different OP’s are filed and SEVERAL people come to us, all telling similar stories… Something has to be going on! We all know there is two sides to every story, and somewhere in the middle is the truth, but damn what the hell is going on Jasen!?!?

Jasen you aren’t only just running your life by doing all this crap. You are running anyone with your last name. Rumor has it that the police wont even take your sister seriously when she needs them, all because she shares a last name with your pathetic ass. I feel sorry for your kids, I hope your children’s mother considers changing their last names!!!

As we were writing this story, another email came in on Mr. Manuele. The source said that Mr. Manuele allegedly came over to their house, started picking a fight in front of the source’s children. The source gave Jasen no attention, but it only provoked him more. As soon as the source had enough and went to fight Jasen, they said he pulled out his phone and started recording saying he was going to call the police! What the hell!?!?!

Another person wrote in to us today, telling us how Jasen had a “crack head” cousin named Chris, and they were exactly alike. The source said the two of them where like Bonnie & Clyde Gay Style, and when Chris passed away Jasen took over the ranks all on his own. “Jasen will steal from his own family” “He even stole the bears from Chris’s grave” “He would use cars belonging to family members and commit gas drive offs, steal their tax money, all kinds of things you name it”

Another person wrote us telling us “Jasen will do anything to ruin your life if you cross him” “He got ahold of my phone number once and kept sending me messages off those free online text phone accounts” “He wouldn’t leave me alone I had to change my number, then he showed up at my house, I had to call the police but that didn’t help.”

No joke now guys I had over 25 people message me and tell me this exact story in some way or another. They stated that they commented on a story or post about Jasen somewhere, and he would harass the hell out of them via multiple Face Book Accounts! Half of them said they never met the man before, but he obviously has some issues!

Another person wrote us today, she said she read our story about him earlier and noticed she was friends with the man, so she removed him from her friends list. 5 minutes later he messaged her this.JasenManueleFB

Wow Jasen CREAPER!!!!!

We also had this sent to us today, kind of cheesy but funny as shit also.

Should we go on about Jasen being a Confidential Informant for the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office? That’s what several people have told us, obviously there is no way to prove it unless someone hands over their discovery on a criminal case that he was a CI on… Guess when you been to prison before and are scared to go back, and are an alleged crack head living in your mothers garage you will do anything not to go back. Hey will you do anything for crack too?

I mean this guy admitted he sucks dick for crack, maybe you do also?

At the end of the day obviously this guy is a creep. You look into his background and it clearly paints the picture of who the man is today. We are so glad to post this story off Facebook, since now Jasen can’t use all 30 of his Facebook accounts to report the post. We have also black listed Jasen from commenting on this website, because to be honest we don’t care to hear his bullshit.

Everyone lets hit the Like button on this, and share the crap out of this post! Let EVERYONE in Springfield know how much of a creep this guy is. Let all the women know to BEWARE of him. If you want to meet him in person, he as OP Court on September 17th, 2015 at 9:00AM In Sangamon County I hear its going to be an interesting one!

If you have been a victim of Mr. Manuele and you’d like to contact someone please feel free to use the names and numbers below. These people are well aware of Jasen and will help you!

Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Brian Shaw – 217-753-6690
Sangamon County Court Services Probation Officer Jennifer S. – 217-535-3193
Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Detective Michael Harth – 217-753-6840
Springfield Police Department Lieutenant Kurt Banks – 217-788-8345 ext. 4357

Don’t let this mans threat’s just be dismissed as meaningless internet threats. He’s been arrested for kidnapping before, don’t be the reason he gets away and kidnaps a kid, and rapes a 10 year old like he has been accused of saying he will do, REPORT EVERYTHING!

Below for your viewing pleasures are some of Mr. Manueles mug shots from the Sangamon County Jail.


Wow as you look at him progress in these pictures, If I was an expert I’d say it looks to me someone got himself a drug problem… Just my two cents!

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90 Comments on "Springfield Meet Your Local Champion FaceBook Psycho!"

  1. Well well he is such an idiot freak show…..reality show for real

  2. The only thing I can see missing from this is his very first aggravated kidnapping charge and that’s bc he snitched on Joe Melton to get out of it. Oh and his obsession with Beau Hamilton…

    • Hr definitely has an obsession with Beau Hamilton, my friend dated him and he harassed me from his several Facebook accounts because we were friends. He also got into a text war with my brother and threatened to rape his 8 yr old daughter in the butt. I took a pic of that text and posted it. Again I was harassed through fb. I have 9 accounts of his blocked. He would message me and threaten me and my family, said he was going to shoot up my mom’s home and slice her tires. Last message I got maybe a month ago it was him saying he knew it was me sending him text messages calling him a cho mo and he already called the police and they were investigating me. Funny thing I don’t have his phone # nor do I care to waste my time or energy texting him. I wouldn’t waste my time telling this story, but I truly think something has to be done about a grown man running around threatening to rape children.

    • This is totally Jasen along with the other comments on this sticking up for Jasen or talking shit and lying about his bm

    • At least you admit you’re a snitch Jasen. Joe gets out this year.

    • Beau Hamilton? Yeah just as big a lowlife as he is.

  3. Omg yes he’s so obsessed with Beau!! Psychotically obsessed, I’ve personally been harassed by him multiple times trying to find info about Beau

  4. His baby mom is a psycho stalker too she pretends to hate him but its all an act

    • im his bm and really u dumbass bitch whoever wrote this u have no idea wtf ive been thrgh with this idiot!!!i didnt see my son for a month n a half cause the court systems are a job u have no idea about my life and hate is a strong word i dont hate anyone but i chose to somewhat get along with him for my child and its court ordered other than that i dont give a fuck about him!!!so keep ur smart ass comments to urself cause yr prolly one of the dumb bitches who were warned about him feeding him info at one point like most people have!!!so stay the fuck in ur own lane n leave me the fuck out of ur comments

      • Kinda how you went back to him and was fucking him less than a year ago.

      • You’re a fucking psycho dirtbag bitch. Your son deserves better than BOTH of you losers as parents! If you’d quit worrying about your pussy and be a mother to your kids you wouldn’t have all these problems!!

        • Amen to that!!… Both of them are nasty… I feel sorry for Ethan… Beautiful boy with deadbeat parents.

          • lmao all this coming from a bunch of whores that was in the same boat as i was fuckin with beau let me put all ur silly ass names on blast cause unlike u bitches ill say who i am!!but u wont cause ill make all u bitches look stupid ill post all ur screenshots with all u dumb hoes tellin jasen shit and u dont know how the fuck i live i work and take care of my kids by my damn self so like i said stfu cause u dont fucking know wtf i do

          • Stalkerazzi | August 31, 2015 at 3:52 pm |

            Never in my life have I fucked with Beau Hamilton, or had a conversation with Jasen. Nice try bitch.

          • well then stfu u do not know me!!!u dont know wtf i do all u know is wtf gossipin ass people are telling u so until u know who the fuck i am and come with facts keep ur damn stalkerazzi ass up!!!

          • Stalkerazzi | August 31, 2015 at 4:22 pm |

            Because only people that have fucked Beau or Jasen can know shit about you? Lmfao. You’re a whore. Go have a seat.

          • hahahaha

          • Dumb whores these days | September 1, 2015 at 8:33 pm |

            I’m just here to read the comments from the dumb bitches involved with this dirt bag Lol someone pass the popcorn.

      • So you weren’t just up at the county building with him a little while ago???….

        • i do not fuck with him like that im at work so no it def wasnt me im so sick of people involving me in his bs!!!havnt i suffered enough im stuck dealing with him for 14 more years!i have an op against him also wtf id look like doing some shit like that???

    • Ha! This is Jasen too!!

      • And you’re obviously a fucking idiot.

        • Pretty funny any comment I have made there you are Jasen commenting! We all know you are a stalker and will keep commenting and try to make someone else look bad and start talking about other people to get the heat off your ass you’re the idiot.

        • Anyone taking up for that loser Beau Hamilton is an idiot. Get a clue, car thief, pizza car robbery, jail bird. Drug head. What more can I say. LOSER!

  5. I think majority of springfield has had to deal with this idiot! And everyone is right as soon as he get a hold of u to harass u anymore he moves on to ur family. Doesn’t matter mother grandmother he doesn’t care. It’s almost a little sad how obsessed he is with everyone else.

    • I think this guy needs help. Yes he’s wrong. But anyone can pick a person apart. He has problems but hearsay and a drug problem isn’t relevant. If he is guilty of anything it’s being ignored when he needs help. Mental maybe. I’ve talked to him about recent events. He’s respectful. And only a snitch knows a snitch.

  6. Yet you went back to him and was fucking him less than a year ago, after all of that , nice try Melissa!

    • But, who HASN’T Springfield’s nastiest whore fucked in the last year??

      • and i really hope whoever the fuck u are ur not calling me a whore???cause i highly doubt u even know me and if u think u do ur prolly just mad cause u got screwed by jasen urself lmao so dont judge me dumbass especially when u postin under a bogus name!!!!fuck u and ur opinion of wtf u think u know about me????

        • I was most definitely calling you a whore. And as offended as you got you know I’m right. Lmfao. Dirty bust down. That’s why you fuck dudes in the backseats of cars!

          • lmao u def dont know me sayin shit like that lmao sorry dummy i have morals im a bed kindof girl!!!what u mad or nahh this must be one of beaus ex bitches lmao dont hate cause u couldnt keep him but hes single n ready to mingle now lmao but frfr thgh fuck u cause u obviouly just mad:)

          • Stalkerazzi | August 31, 2015 at 3:46 pm |

            Hoe is you mad? You couldn’t keep a motherfucking dude that went to prison! Gwaf! You bitch are not about that life. Remember when George had you crying at Parkway? Because he was speaking nothing but the truth on your Down syndrome pussy having ass. Hang it up bitch. All of Springfield knows what a hoe you are. Lbvvs!

          • Stalkerazzi | August 31, 2015 at 3:55 pm |

            P.S ALL of Springfield knows Jasen smashed that nasty pussy of yours in the backseat of your friends car when you first met him. With your friends in the front seat!! Lie some more hoe.

          • lmao lies lies n more lies kindof makin me think this is jasen lmao atleast one of his many personalities frfr get a life dumbass n stop worrying about wtf u think i do or have done!!!nothing u say affects me cause im gonna sleep just fine tonight as usual:)

          • Stalkerazzi | August 31, 2015 at 4:07 pm |

            You keep replyin though. Lmao! You can say it’s a lie all you want to bitch but we both know it’s not. Whatever helps you sleep at night you nasty cunt.

    • yes i did try to work shit out for our son so fuck u and ur opinion!!!u dont know my life n u wanna talk shit i guarantee u wont talk shit to my face though huh???so stay behind ur funny name and go feed him some more info u pathetic pos cause u know u was feeding him info at one point and im sure u prolly fucked him too!!!

  7. I’ll be sure to say it to your face when I see you, and yes u are a whore, you just LOOK like your pussy stinks. But anyways… Lmao

  8. Lmfao Melissa ray and Jasen Manuel are both cracked out psychopaths. Melissa thinks everyone wants Jasen and Beau. She obsesses over women who don’t even know who she is. Jasen tells everyone about melissas diseases and posts pics of her medincines. But he still fucks her. She harasses everyone just like Jasen does, sick twisted fucks if u ask me, poor kid.

    • ive defended myself enough over jasen fuck u all who has something to say like ive said many time u do not know wtf i do cause i dont do shit!!!and i dont harrass people but yes i will defend myself so if thats harrassing someone than im guilty!!!ive made mistakes in my life n yes ive payed for them so fuck u all cause my life is good n idc about wtf anyone says about me cause 9 times out of 10 its a lie

  9. Everyone forgot how he really got famous in the first place….was caught jacking off in bathroom at Franklin by Mr wind. Not just talking shit really happened. Ha ha ha

  10. Id beat the fuck outta him

    • Doesn’t matter. I’ve beat him up numerous times and it never fixed anything. He’s still as tweaked as he was in that Franklin middle school bathroom.

  11. The kidnapping was in 2001. He was involved as an accomplice along with two other winners, Les Hennings and Joe Melton. Jasen always wanted to be a gangster until it was time to do gangster shit. He got scared when they tied the kid (21yr old thief) up, so he called the law from a cell phone and dropped it in the bathroom, getting all of them caught. He tried to plea it out by turning evidence on his two case mates, as well as setting up a few other local small and mid time weed dealers. He became famous for his car wash set ups. Meet in a bay next to his. Door slams. Opposite door opens and it’s the Feds. He’s always been a piece of shit. A punching bag. Tried to paintball people’s cars until real guns got shoved in his face. 16 years later, shit hasn’t changed. I heard he was even sleeping with a 14yr old girl he smiles crack with that he met on back page. I feel sorry for his children.

  12. Him and his cousin Chris both used to suck dick for rock. Even heard they prostituted for the homies and that’s why Chris was murdered. Scorned customer worried about Chris tell on everyone bout Selln that ass to boi.

  13. Wow all this shit is crazy!! Smh

  14. Good!! I think there is one more of his fakes on here too.

  15. Who would want kids with him?

  16. who fuckin cares | September 2, 2015 at 5:11 pm | Reply

    I don’t see why you guys feed into him. hes starved for attention so he tries to be a net gangsta!! he was walking down north grand by quick n easy when someone pulled a knife on him he called the cops quick as fuck. just ignore him and eventually he will go away look at the mug shots hes even smiling in one of them I feel bad for his child when he gets older and starts looking online and sees all this stuff ya know once stuffs on the net its there no way to get rid of it now theres no repport button just the straight truth coming out

  17. Mother of chris | September 3, 2015 at 8:24 am | Reply

    Unfortunately I happened to be related to Jason my second cousin and I don’t liKe him His harassed me. Chris and everybody in my family And Chris and him did not hangnd together Chris Was into his music and yeah Chris smoke crack he was not a crackhead he did not suck fuck or steal for it and unlike Jason.’.
    .. Jason came over and Chris went to go get some for him and they got pulled over in are driveway guess who went to jail for Jason’s dope Chris I would call Christopher a runner. because all his friends would came over here and he would run to go get it for his friends and Ask ChrisS friend what kind of person he was. they’ll tell you all nice thing.. he’s nothing like Jason jason is the devil’s son..My son was murdered by gang members that was mad because Chris took all his business to James and wouldn’t go to them so that’s why they were shot because James was making all the money and the other gang members didn’t like it anybody out there got anything negative to say about my Dead son you must be a hater and God don’t like haters he don’t like storytellers.And if you ain’t got nothing nice to say about the dead then don’t say it at all And my son was a Christian he got baptized before he died he never had nothing bad to say about no one no matter what they did to him He was the good soul why do you think God called him home.Back to Jason he text me in four hours 170 messages talking shit . about Chris…and said he has a bullet with my name on it. There is no help for that kind of person.Except Six Feet Under and not all people that do drugs are bad people Or is the crackheads stereotype.Not all church people are good people..That would be Jason….So who’s the crack dealers that have been getting head from Jason all these years shame on you all.For all the drug dealers out there that had jasons lips around their dick they are one sick fuckers…Jason is a A narc and always has been and always will be why do you think he’s not in prison or jail right now..Please he has over 20 opies out on him I think that’s enough to put anybody in jail..

  18. Chris and Jason were cuzns who never got along. Chris smacked Jasen with a 2×4 and a broom! Jasen stole all the memorabilia and stuffed animals from Chris memorial sight and destoyed and dismembered them. somethin wrong wit dude say a prayer for him!

  19. Heres one of the last songs Christopher B. Nesch recordedhttps://m.soundcloud.com/878/livin-dis-lyfe-878-ft

  20. Chris was changing for the better and He had a good heart! Just got baptized before he passed!!! Listen to one of his last recorded songs before he passed!!!https://m.soundcloud.com/878/livin-dis-lyfe-878-ft

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