Springfield Meet Quenton Tyjuan Bates, the longest current resident of the Sangamon County Jail!

According to the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office it costs around $90 a day on average to house an inmate in the Sangamon County Jail.

This is a major cost the tax payers burden, especially on simple cases where the inmate isn’t really violent, but they can’t afford to post bond so they are stuck in the jail. This also becomes an issue as health care costs rise in the real world, some criminals believe its almost better to live in jail. One inmate told us “You get three meals, a bed, heat and air conditioning, clean clothes, and free healthcare. Sometimes that’s a lot more than I have on the street”. In the future we will be bringing you some of the costs behind comments like that, example last year the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office spent over $700,000 on inmate health care alone!

Now this inmate we are bringing you deserves to be behind bars, with the charges he is faced with.

Mr. Bates is currently being held on the following charges Home Invasion (2 Counts), Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault with Threat to Life, Aggravated Sexual Abuse During Felony, Residential Burglary, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse To a Child Under 9years old.

Click Here to view his Sangamon County Jail Booking Sheet.

So Mr. Bates has been in the Sangamon County Jail since October of 2011, he has cost us alone as tax payers around $127,000 to house him. That isn’t including his actual court costs for his cases.

Now I understand some cases taking some time to get threw the system. We will be bringing your more and more cases here over the next few weeks costing tax payers a ton of money! How about a man who was in jail for Driving on a Suspended License and we paid over $38,000 to house him awaiting trial.

Below you will find Mr. Bates current mugshot, also a link to view a copy of the police report on the charges he is currently facing. If you look he tried to snitch his way out of the police station instead of going to jail…



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11 Comments on "Springfield Meet Quenton Tyjuan Bates, the longest current resident of the Sangamon County Jail!"

  1. Candreacollins | September 7, 2015 at 9:54 pm | Reply

    Wow I know him smh.Never in a million years would think he would rape someone.

  2. Well see i know him very well and he will be home before you know it and i can’t wait for him to come home what he did is the past and he will be home with his family and his fiancée she miss him so much,she said she will be by his side and will wait for him to come home so people can say what they want until u get in someone’s shoes dont down talk about someone cause u don’t know what he has been throuh for this to happen

  3. Sick ass.@Crystal u sound dumb as hell. His past life shouldn’t justify what he has done in the present. 70years for the 1st case and 30years for the 2nd. About damn time Sangamon County. These women were innocent victims. Wonder how u would feel if it hit close to your home like your momma, sister, daughter, hell grandma for that matter. Justice served

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