Springfield Meet Justin Currington! – Alleged Purse Snatcher!!!

Remember this video surveillance picture from the Dollar General On North Grand August 6th, 2015?

Bailey Karr an employee of the store had her purse stolen right out of the managers office. After circulating the image around on social media, several people ended up looking like this guy.

According to sources on 08/18/2015 Justin Currington was seen walking down 6th Street in Springfield and recognized by a Police Officer. He was then apprehended and taken to the Sangamon County Jail for this incident. He allegedly admitted to officers he saw the purse and was hoping for drug money. No formal charges were filed by the Sangamon County States Attorney, Mr. Currington is out on bond.

Good Job Social Media for helping catch this guy! Let share this mugshot so no one ever forget him!


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3 Comments on "Springfield Meet Justin Currington! – Alleged Purse Snatcher!!!"

  1. He should of stole some razors with the purse…

  2. Can’t believe they let him out with no punishment

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