Springfield Man Charged With Hate Crime Plead Guilty With An Open Plea – Eldon E. Lucy

Meet Eldon E. Lucy

Back in March Eldon here was arrested and Charged with Felony Hate Crime (2 Counts), Battery, Disorderly Conduct.

On July 16, 2015 before Honorable Judge Graves Mr. Lucy admitted to the crime with an open plea of guilty leaving his sentencing up to the Judge.

On 09/23/2015 at 11:00am Judge Graves is set to hand down the sentence on this case, Mr. Lucy could get anything from probation or up to 6 years in prison due to his background. Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Sweat had previously offered Mr. Lucy 3 years in Prison and he turned it down.

We will bring you more after the sentencing.

Till then take a look at the rest of Mr. Lucy’s mugshots over the years.











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6 Comments on "Springfield Man Charged With Hate Crime Plead Guilty With An Open Plea – Eldon E. Lucy"

  1. What, exactly, did he do?

  2. Reports say he dropped the n bomb to a bunch of black guys during a fight outside his apartment on the north side.

  3. Apparently they say he beat the shit out of the guys in the process too.

  4. Its a really weird police report to be honest, it shows his mentally challenged wife was arrested aswell, but no charges filed against her.

  5. Damn, he doesn’t look like he could do much damage.

  6. She was probably just yelling and causing a scene. That’s fairly normal unfortunately.

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