Springfield Man Arrested For Violation Of Owners Duties / Animal Cruelty – Jeremiah William Shroyer

Meet Jeremiah William Shroyer…

On November 3rd, 2015 Mr. Shroyer was arrested on the Class B Misdemeanor of Violation of Owner Duties. You may remember just the other week we brought to you a local woman who was charged with the exact same crime (see Christina S. Roach Accused of Animal & Child Neglect! Charges Filed!!! ) !

In recent months there has been a spike in Animal Abuse Allegations from Alleged Animal Abused Jordan Watkins IN JAIL! , Can Any County Department Do What They Are Paid For!?!? Sangamon County Animal Control Accused Of Animal Cruelty!! , to Local Dog Groomer Accused Of Animal Cruelty At Petco – Robert Hofstetter ..

What is going on out there Springfield???

Mr. Shroyer is not new to the Sangamon County Jail by any means. Mr. Shroyer has been booked into the Sangamon County Jail 8 times over the last 10 years on various charges.


In 2012 Mr. Shroyer was convicted of Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest.
In 2005 Mr. Shroyer was convicted of Misdemeanor Criminal Damage to Property.

Remember Heather Durheim from When Drunk Sex Goes Wrong… – Dead Beat Father John R. White? ?

Heather here in 2014 filed for an Emergency Order of Protection against Mr. Shroyer, she was awarded the emergency order but failed to appear for the plenary order.

Funny connection..
Heather had some form of a dating relationship with Mr. Shroyer. She also accused JohnWhite John White here of being her child’s father after they had a dating relationship. John also was in a dating relationship with ChristinaSRoach Christina Roach, who also like Mr. Shroyer was charged with Violation of Owners Duties/ Animal Cruelty.

Only in Springfield… Such a small town….

Mr. Shroyer has also throughout Central IL had his fair share of traffic violations, including being found guilty in Sangamon County for Fleeing / Attempt to Elude Police in connection to a Leland Grove Traffic Stop. One reader wrote in on Mr. Shroyer and stated “He had a 4 year old Autistic Child in the car and almost killed the child and himself.” .

Mr. Shroyer please stay away from Cars, Kids, & Animals!!!

Check Out Mr. Shroyer’s Mugshots for the Sangamon County Jail.

JeremiahWilliamShroyer JeremiahWilliamShroyer1 JeremiahWilliamShroyer2 JeremiahWilliamShroyer3 JeremiahWilliamShroyer4 JeremiahWilliamShroyer5 JeremiahWilliamShroyer6 JeremiahWilliamShroyer7

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26 Comments on "Springfield Man Arrested For Violation Of Owners Duties / Animal Cruelty – Jeremiah William Shroyer"

  1. IL-Misanthrope | November 6, 2015 at 11:13 am | Reply

    Is it just me, or does he look like a slightly stupider Russell Brand?

  2. When did he get in jail could of swore I seen him yesterday

  3. He was booked in and released on the animal cruelty charge.

  4. Aww ok he is always into something

  5. Hay that bitch time my car and son when I was sick in bed and almost killed my son fuck him that why he where he at now

  6. Omg can’t believe I dated that what a loser God I’m glad that my husband took me back!!

  7. Lmmfao “Glad my husband took me back”

  8. plz tell me u didn’t date Jeremiah Tonya!!

  9. And I had nothing to due with this shit so keep my name out of your mouth please

  10. Keep it classy springfield

  11. Ummm No Rose Hutton I’d never date anyone like that or looks like that…your comment was just funny

  12. Lmmfao JM is more than enough

  13. The MANY faces of Methamphetamine!

  14. He looks like an animal.

  15. He’s a fucking goofy he’s smoke crack k2 are whatever people give him

  16. Thes a bitch his gf Heather b on pof hooking up with other dudes

  17. Only cowards harm animals. This fuckin scumbag needs to be permanently behind bars with all of those mug shots. What a piece of shit.

  18. Gwaf goofy Ass dude lmao I use to see him at the gay bar all the time

  19. Sad thing is I personally know him.

  20. People Like This Need There Head Smashed In

  21. People who abuse animals are highly likely to abuse people. It’s been borne out is several studies. Round them all up, sterilize them, and let them beat each other to death. Sociopaths are unable to be rehabilitated, they are a blight on society. I may be a liberal, but I’m also a scientific realist. Some things you just can’t fix.

  22. First off right I was never on anything looking for any dude so you better try that shit again I left his ass because I found out he was doing drugs I have kids and I don’t do drugs so I’m not going to be with somebody who does drugs so you better check when you got your information at

  23. i no this is a long shot but is there any i mean any chance does someone know where this scumbag is i need to find him!!

  24. Ron you lost your mind i dont get on there to hook up with no one on the ppl on there are nasty i vo on there to fuck with ppl so try again

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