Springfield Man Arrested After Driving To Decatur To Allegedly Solicit a Minor For Sex! – Evan Grider

Meet Evan Grider of Springfield.

The Decatur IL Police Department is reporting that they have arrested Evan Grider of Springfield for allegedly attempting to solicit a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.

The Police state that on November 12th that during an authorized undercover operation they were attempting to capture individuals who were attempting to solicit minors online. They state they came across an ad on classified advertisement website and allegedly made contact with Mr. Grider. During the contact the police posed as a young male minor and the conversation allegedly went from email to text messages. Authorities say Evan allegedly stated he would drive from Springfield to Decatur to pickup the minor. Upon arriving in Decatur, police say Evan was arrested.

Evan currently faces a preliminary charge of indecent solicitation of a minor and is in the Macon County Jail on a $6500 bond. His next court date is 12/15/2015 at 13:30.

What is up with Springfield Men driving out to Decatur to hook up with minors?? Remember AUBURN ILLINOIS BEWARE! Sexual Predator Benjamin EL Watson is nearby!

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44 Comments on "Springfield Man Arrested After Driving To Decatur To Allegedly Solicit a Minor For Sex! – Evan Grider"

  1. This is ridiculous, he was setup by DPD. No wonder there r so many murders and stuff going on in Decatur, the cops r too busy on Internet tryna play games!!!!!

  2. This mother fucker I ran across this report wtf say what you want “best friend” no matter how you look at it he drove out to pick up a kid that was his intentions fucking sicko but he will get to go to a protected facility

  3. Say something else you outing yourself out there defending a pedophile I bet your a big Jarod fan Brandi lmao

  4. Perry Williams, Brandi Lynn is his former roommate! She has kids living with this sick fucker! But hey we all know she is under investigation by DCFS according tor reports. Tsk tsk…

  5. Perry Williams they have his ass in Protective Custody in Macon County Jail already lol. Too bad he will get probation out of this most likely. Macon County is good for handing out Sex Offender Probation.

  6. Fuckong sick what a goofy bitch to even admit to knowing this sick fucker

  7. Reminds me of a recent news story where many people believe a certain establishment is being picked on by the local news.

  8. Dude is sick and Brandi your right there with him go ahead put him on probation aunt no pc in the street

  9. Omg he security guard for the Springfield school district 186

  10. Someone needs to call the school district 186

  11. What ur kidding me Heather Dawn Singer

  12. No I’m being serious I work at Harvard Park Elementary School and last year he was a security guard there

  13. Springfield Public Schools – District 186 SHAME ON YOU!

  14. I don’t understand because they do fingerprints and background checks less he’s not registered as a sex predator

  15. He works at mobile gastation on 19th and northgrand also

  16. Well that’s where I go every day forngas so should I record my fucking reaction to him

  17. Wow I went to school with this kid

  18. To: Springfield Il Exposed you may want to FOIA the Sangamon County State’s Attorneys office and the Springfield Police to see what reports they have on this person

  19. Fuck you Brandi Lynn, defending this sick fucking pervert, and you also had your kids in the same fucking house with him!! Mother of the year everybody. And your stupid ass got my brother ousted of the gas station you worked at just so your pathetic petty ass could get the management position.

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