Springfield Latest Woman Beater – Deavon Davis

Yesterday my girlfriend was walking home from work when her daughters dad (Deaveon Davis of Springfield Il) pulled up in a large silver truck and started a yelling match. After a few seconds of arguing over how she is a bad mother and money hungry (both untrue) he decided to start to hit her and grabbed her by the head and slammed her face into the truck. All while his brother, his brothers girlfriend and her kids sat in the car and watched. This whole altercation was because he was court ordered to pay $40 a week in child support. Even on his page he states in many Ghetto ways that he is a drug dealer so $40 shouldn’t be that much to support your kiddo, Right? I guess his “Gas” isnt to premium! Beware of this dipshit Deaveon Davis.

DAMN!!! What Is Up With These Fools!?!?!?!?! – R

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  1. What do women expect when they get with these kind of douchebags in the first place? Of COURSE he doesn’t wanna pay child support. Probably got 10 other kids with 9 other skanks. Kinda hard to dock a paycheck he doesn’t collect.

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