Springfield Illinois Police Department Brutality – Officer Kicks Man On The Ground!!!

The Springfield Illinois Police Department is under fire again for claims of Police Brutality again!

You may remember our previous post on the viral video of Springfield Police using a tazer on a pregnant woman in the Best Buy parking lot here in Springfield (see Pregnant Woman Tasered in Best Buy’s Parking Lot March 2013 ).

It appears that the Springfield Police will no longer taze you, they’ve resorted back to just kicking you on the group (see video below).

This video clip comes from our previous story Springfield East Side Apartment Complex Gone Crazy!? .

Now I understand the dude was going crazy, acting a fool, and ran from police BUT that gives the cop NO RIGHT to kick the man while he was on the ground!!! It appears it was also a running kick!!! How stupid can this cop be?? He clearly saw EVERYONE outside recording with their cell phones!!!


We have reached out to the Springfield Police Department for comment, but have yet to receive comment back.

Springfield Illinois Police Brutality

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5 Comments on "Springfield Illinois Police Department Brutality – Officer Kicks Man On The Ground!!!"

  1. Its poplar place. What do you expect. There’s a reason why pizza delivery places dont go in there. Either that dude got kicked, or he continues to run round naked smashing up houses till someone gets shot, then people will say “why didn’t the police stop him”.. lol.

  2. Unfortunately the very short part that was clear shows the Officer kicking the subject but it was focused on the house leading up to that kick. What was happening right before that as shown in the coverage before the subject took off running he was more than willing to use objects to inflict damage to property. Don’t get me wrong kicking anyone is uncalled for and I am NOT condoning that behavior for anyone.

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