Springfield IL Unsolved Murder – Mary Jane Hanselman April 27, 1958

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Who here remembers the 1958 Murder of Ms. Hanselman? She was a 16 year old sophomore at Sacred Heart Academy. Her body was discovered north of the fairgrounds on April 27, 1958. She was bound with her own stockings and clothed in the uniform she was last seen wearing at a restaurant where she worked in Springfield. Reports say she was brutally raped and murdered.

A dishwasher at the Georgian, the restaurant where Hanselman worked, was arrested but there was insufficient evidence to hold him.

Some say the police were solely focused on him that they never pursued other options.
JosephNastasio JosephNastasio1
Above you will find pictured Joseph Nastasio ALIAS Tony Noletti who was arrested for her murder. He was the “perfect suspect” police stated at the time. He had previous run ins with the law in both Nebraska & Missouri, and he was last seen with the victim.

Due to a flood all of the evidence reports are long gone, the only record still on file is this two page report below.
MaryJaneHanselmanMurder MaryJaneHanselmanMurder1
According to Mr. Nastasio’s own daughter who was 10 at the time of this murder, he committed the murder. Sadly though even if he did he never has faced the music for it.

On May 13th 1958 , Mr. Nastasio was charged with murder and put in the Sangamon County Jail.  June 9th,, 1958 the case went before the Grand Jury. On June 20th, 1958 the Grand Jury said there was insufficient evidence to hold Mr. Nastasio for Mary Jane’s murder. Instead, based on information that surfaced during the investigation, the grand jury returned four true bill indictments against Nastasio as a sexually dangerous person. He was later found guilty at trial and sent to Menard Correctional Center. The Illinois State Supreme Court eventually overturned his conviction and ordered a new trial in which returned him to the Sangamon County Jail. In 1961, he allegedly attempted to break out of the Sangamon County Jail. He was convicted of attempted jailbreak in 1964 and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Mr. Nastasio passed away in Kansas City Missouri on 27, 2013.

Technically this case is still open since there is no statute of limitations on murder, the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department has no information on it in its files though. Though the case is still open, it hasn’t been actively investigated since 1960.

In 1988 Dave Bakke said “It will probably take a deathbed confession to discover who committed one of the most sensational murders in Springfield history.”

Mr. Nastasio did not give such a confession as many would have thought he would have.

Whoever raped and killed 16-year-old Mary Jane Hanselman in April 1958 has already cheated justice for 50 years.

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26 Comments on "Springfield IL Unsolved Murder – Mary Jane Hanselman April 27, 1958"

  1. Never heard this story before. This was a good read. Really goes to show how little law enforcement had as resources 57 years ago. No DNA or real forensics.

  2. I believe your page is absolutely inappropriate to share a story such as this. Especially with “Throwback Thursday” under the headline. Did you ever think that Ms. Hanselman may still have family around here that would not appreciate her story being put on a page that is nothing but,gossip and lies and misappropriated information. A page that will not help in any way. No one will give any credibility to a true story on a page such as yours… Ms. Hanselman’s living relatives have most likely struggled for years with the feelings and etc. that occured after her passing. Ms. Hanselman deserves more respect than your page could possibly offer in my opinion !!

    • Kara I kind of have to agree with Spit here. This is the only recent exposure of the case in the media in atleast 20 years. A book was even wrote surrounding the case. Though you may not like the publication we operate here, it is clear there is a demand for what we do. We welcome your feedback and wish you the best of luck.

    • If you think this is inappropriate, then don’t bother with pages like The Doe Network, the National Missing Persons and Unidentified Index, Murderpedia or The Hart Island Project. The Doe Network & Murderpedia have graphic crime scene photos. They are doing the same thing SE is doing, trying to find someone…ANYONE…that has information that will lead to the identification (and possible arrest) of someone.

  3. @Kara

    This is the only recent exposure of the case. If you care about the victim, you should welcome the attention. Anyone interested can use the Google and find some less “misappropriated” information about it.

    Bye, Felicia.

  4. Bakke was offered more evidence to expose the true murderers but refused to revisit the case. He is an opportunist and in my opinion his investigative talents are second rate.

  5. I am not saying tbe story should not be told,however a real news story would be more beneficial to the family than this gossip fest joke of a website… That was my point

  6. Wow. That is my birthday..

  7. I’d always heard this story, she was a friend of my mom

  8. I heard carnies did it

  9. Since Nastacio died in 2013 we will never know I guess, but I think the police got it right the first time. He was tried for the murder of an ex girlfriend in Kansas City in 1997. She was shot in the head 4 times. Not a nice guy at all.

  10. REOPEN!! I’m 47 and have never heard of this case.

  11. You guys run that page also?

  12. Could they exhume her body & see if any evidence it still there?

  13. Snarky McSnark | March 1, 2018 at 7:46 pm | Reply

    Nastasio killed a woman in Missouri after he moved there and got life without parole. He’s the perp, wish the bastard would have fessed up before croaking.

  14. Yes I remember both people even though I was only 8yo at the time. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing the name Tony Noletti. As far as Ms Hanselman I remember that a young woman disappeared and it was never resolved. Springfield was a much more wild and wooley place in those days.

  15. I was 8 years old at the time of this murder and I still remember it due to the story being on the radio several times and even as a yougster I felt very bad for Miss Hanselman. Also I rememer hearing the name Tony Noletti on the radio over and over. He was a one man crime spree. I am sure he killed her. What a hideously bad man he was. Thank you for this article.

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