Springfield IL Police Officer Timothy Ealey Caught On Video! POLICE BRUTALITY!!!

Remember our story of Springfield Illinois Police Department Brutality – Officer Kicks Man On The Ground!!!? The Springfield IL Police Officer in that video has been identified as 20+ Year Officer Timothy Ealey. SPDTimothyEaley Meet Officer Timothy “Tim” Ealey ID Number 401. Officer Ealey has been with the city since May of 1995, and currently makes $80,610 a year. Below you will find his report on this incident in question in the above-referenced video. SPD201500114312 Reading this report and watching the video things just do not match up. In the video you can clearly see the officer kicking the suspect while the suspect was already on the ground. In this report it alleges he gave him “an angle kick to the upper part of his right thigh and ordered him to the ground”. SHAME ON YOU OFFICER EALEY!!! Naturally this officer knew he was on video when he pulled up to the scene with over 3o people outside with cell phones. Why on earth would you ever kick a suspect while on the ground anyway? Let alone in the day in age when video recorders are nearly in everyone’s hand! This isn’t 1995 Office Ealey times have changed! A phone call to the Springfield Police Department for comment gave us the run around, and finally we were directed to leave a message. No one would confirm if there was an investigation into this incident, but several officer did know what we were talking about but could not comment officially. We have yet to receive a return call at the time of this posting. https://youtu.be/exDmqwzZz4Y

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  1. Where’s the video

  2. Not seeing the video–why don’t you put it up on youtube and post the link?

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