Springfield IL Exposed Launches New “Snitch Alert” Program!

Welcome to Springfield IL Exposed!!!

Today I am proud to announce we will be starting a new program called The Snitch Alert!

What it will be is a pure USER driven submission based alert system. Readers can email or Facebook message us a picture and a name of someone who they believe to be a “Snitch”.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a snitch as a noun to be “an informer”.

When a reader makes contact with us we will post the information under our Snitch Alert Section and readers than can interact and comment with each other about the person.  Springfield IL Exposed will only dig into the alleged snitch on a specific request to do so for consideration in a full “Exposed Story”.

This system is designed to alert our reader base to make them more aware of their surrounding and associates. Springfield IL Exposed will only be relaying user submissions and does not guarantee the accuracy of such information.

Without further wait I bring to the Springfield IL Exposed Snitch Alert! Feel free to email us at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com with your “Snitch Alert” submissions!!

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4 Comments on "Springfield IL Exposed Launches New “Snitch Alert” Program!"

  1. Aren’t all the people you get your information from snitches too? So you’re going to post all of them too right?

  2. You r opening up a can of worms. Since u have no idea who the snitches are, or if they r just trying to seek revenge. I think u should leave this one alone. U could ruin a good persons name. Falls along the lines of “bullying”.

  3. I completely agree! People get murdered for being a snitch all the time.

  4. Brady Dotson. Euclid ohio. Tells on anything and everything he can get his hands on. Was actually a union rep for some time which makes this even more scary.

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