Springfield IL Exposed In Court – Win One, New One Filed!

Boy oh boy its been an interesting day for us here at Springfield Exposed.

Suit filed against Facebook Inc. today, can’t wait to hear back from their Legal Team.

Then a local woman tried to file an Order of Protection against our founder for posting about her criminal history (Christina S. Roach) on this website, even though he had no connection to the postings of the stories. The Judge ruled today in the hearing that she had no grounds for an order to be entered.

Then this afternoon Crystal Annlouise Page filled an Emergency No Stalking Order on him for our posting (Crystal Annlouise Page, Let it Rest! (November 11th, 1993 Harold “HP” Page III Murder) )…

This ought to be an interesting battle on her part… She asked publicly on live radio why our organization hadn’t looked into the story, then we look into it and she gets offended and plays the victim role and files a no stalking order. Some people we just don’t understand.

We will tag this under #DumbCriminals!

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18 Comments on "Springfield IL Exposed In Court – Win One, New One Filed!"

  1. It won’t let me read it damn it

  2. Ok I got it. Kinda dumb cause if you go to the sangamon county clerk page and hit the disclaimer page and type in name you can find out anything you want about them. So why be stupid and file something that we all can found out anyways. But congrats on the win funny how it was filed same day she went to court on owner duties.

  3. Look I’ve lost a lot of respect for crystal since she has started standing up for the man that threaten to rape my wife but if she wants to hang on to her brothers death I don’t see anything wrong with that as I still hang on to my brothers death from 1991

  4. She is the mother of my brothers only child I have always known her as a good person like I said only problem I got is her sticking up for jasen Manuel rape threatening ass

  5. No not alleged its a fact

  6. The man that went to prison for killing him was just taking the rap from what I’ve heard . Sad story really I knew this kid and it still upsets me that he was killed. As for Jasen he’s a piece of shit rappest the whole town knows about him

  7. Rip HP died way to young

  8. Christina works for shaners towing.

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