Springfield IL Contest Time!! Win a $50 Giftcard!!!

Today Springfield IL Exposed brings you its second contest. We had a lot of fun with the last one so lets do this again!

Want to win a $50 Gift Card??

Guess the exact address in the below picture from Springfield IL! Win a $50 Gift card!! Once the address is guessed correctly we will have a second contest in relation to this picture, so get your votes in now!

Hint it is on Springfield’s West Side!!

Good Luck, First correct answer wins! You may comment, message or email your answers in!


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16 Comments on "Springfield IL Contest Time!! Win a $50 Giftcard!!!"

  1. Westchester! Lindbergh blvd

  2. 63 Roundtable 62704

  3. He never said who won the last house guessing thing…

  4. Yes we did… we did an entire story announcing who won Kathy Griffin

  5. Have the link? Never saw another comment about it on fb.

  6. What was the street? Link doesn’t say

  7. 63 Oxford Rd
    Springfield IL

  8. Golf Rd Springfield

  9. 63 Golf Rd Springfield Illinois, 62707

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