Springfield Has A Happy Ending Massage Parlor!?

So according to Springfield Business Journal:
3915 Day Spa
3915 N. Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield IL 62707, 630-473-5652
Business Owner(s)
Yu Fang ADA
Came To Springfield July 2014.

3915 Day Spa

  • Day Spa

  • Address: 3915 N Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62703

  • Directions

So this Day Spa is located in an old print shop, then converted into a Satellite TV Store, now a Spa?

There is ads for “Escort” services available this “Spa” which can be found all over the internet.

So this explains all the fancy cars leaving from that hell hole now…


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27 Comments on "Springfield Has A Happy Ending Massage Parlor!?"

  1. Haha! I was joking with someone saying that exact thing…. That place looks a little too shady to be a day spa, first one I’ve ever seen without windows or a zen type of appearance… Smh

  2. This place is a joke. Nasty ass old men go in this hell hole. The nasty females in there are gross. Ugly as hell

  3. And the owner of this place is a dirt bag . He needs to go down with this place. I hope the cop’s shut it down fast.

  4. And Yu Tang needs her ass kicked for opening up this nasty place. Go back to your country.

  5. What difference does that make. They both are nasty as fuck. The owner knows what goes on in there. And the owner of the day spa is nasty as fuck too Jodie

  6. Why is this nasty place still open.? This place is a disgrace to Springfield.

  7. Sinister sister | December 12, 2015 at 3:58 pm | Reply

    Jewels, we know who you are. We know this is sex trafficking, we know it is a cancer all over the us. But as long as these peeves think they have the right to have someone play with their wee-wee, they will continue to fund this kind of terrorist activities. This is why we as Americans are failing. Thesevjohns cannot see last the little head they hold so fondly in their hand.

    • And I know who you are. Haha. I still have the pictures of the car’s that stop’s in there to get there junk played with. Springfield exposed needs to get to the bottom of this nasty ass place. There are family’s home right next to this hell hole. Where are the cop’s when you need them . inside getting a hand job?????

  8. This is sex trafficking, we all know it. Problem lies with the society that believes they have a right to instant gratification,whatever it may be. This is just a small leg of the criminal interprises that it funds, albeit drugs, human trafficking, terrorism, all in the same.
    The men who frequent these so called spas, not only believe in their entitlement to instant gratification, from their little “sex in a box” establishments, they also cannot see past the little head they so fondly hold in their hand. They do not care about the little women playing with their wee-wees, they care about it and it only. It is a real sickness. The beast has been let loose, who can put it back in it’s cave? Kitty the children who are growing up in this warped atmosphere.
    There are more of these places now. New one in Chatham…wonder how long that will be there..sick sick

  9. Supposed to be,”pity the children”…

  10. If it is on RUBMAPS, it is a masturbation station.

  11. You all complain about it but it relieves stress in men and women I have cancer and it makes my organs not hurt and we are adults not kids grow up. You never had sex with your spouse ? If you were on that table you would love it. Or are you jealous?

  12. Funny how a bunch of ugly ass inbreds are getting upset over something that does not even affect them. Even better is that all of you keep feeding the low life Basement dweller who got off on harassing other people, including the females that he got turned down from, so he made up this joke of a website to show how small he is.

    Hope Bubba loves his new girlfriend for the next five years.

  13. Disgusted byu | October 5, 2016 at 7:39 pm | Reply

    Maybe your organ wouldn’t hurt so much if you wouldn’t let dirty little Asians touch it, after they handled other peoples organs..you get what you give…karma

  14. Yes my husband breaks his neck every time we go by there. So I’m pretty sure he has been there,,,this is y I sleep on couch…nasty ass whore house is all it is ,I’ve heard from friend that these nasty whores do whatever to men that they want…go ahead guys guess u don’t like ur penis. Cause it’s bound to fall off

  15. Don’t stay home and have sex w ur wife or girlfriend, instead go and get some STD or better yet let your wiener have puss and green shit flowing from it and say ouch why does my Peter hurt ,,,,,lol. Stupid men, ,#leaveurpeterathome

  16. Fedupwithshitheads | December 19, 2016 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    That was funny. The pricks that go in there pay a good 60.00 just to have somebody jack them off. That is so low life, like the Young’s that own it…Sickos. has the pawn shop on Stevenson too…Good for the economy,I guess…

  17. lol you midwest bible thumping morons are so ridiculous. who really cares? the women in these establishments are clean and tested regularly…part of asian culture is an almost religious obsession with cleanliness, they’re not passing anything to anyone, and the mama san that runs the girls is a very strict disciplinarian that demands a high standard of cleanliness or the girls are fired. if anything, it’s better your poor husbands are going here to a safe environment for a harmless rub and tug than out hunting for a prostitute who could rob/kill/ or at the very least infect them. the only people getting upset about this are you hefty unattractive prude women whose desperate husbands are going here to get the affection they don’t get at home from their ice queen holier-than-thou wives. get over yourselves lol…youre just jealous and angry, and while you’re on here whining because you’re a fatty and your ignorant hillbilly prayers to jesus didn’t make you pretty or lose that fat gut, your men are at the spa getting blown by a tight young cutie with a perfect little butt and perky breasts who’s collecting her money from your children’s (community) college funds lmao. sad…sad ugly fatties you are. gotta go, i have an appointment with ting ling for some sucky sucky!

  18. tom has a point here, he’s absolutely right lol. and the fact is, none of these women do anything they don’t choose to. i haven’t been there myself but i’ve been to other asian massage parlors around the country and some of the women choose not to do anything intimate and are up front about that if asked. and from experience i can guarantee they are cleaner and better looking than the trailer trash fatty broads on here throwing a fit about how “nasty” and “dirty” the girls are lol. hell hath no fury like a (ugly lonely overweight) woman scorned. these girls only do what they do to make a living and most of them live in crappy conditions IN the spa and are here illegally just trying to get by, meanwhile you people live off the taxpayer on welfare like shitbags refusing to get jobs and sit around all day with nothing to do so you get on here and trash these poor women. expend half as much effort pleasing your men as you do jealously worrying about other women and they won’t ever be patrons of such an establishment.

  19. If you ladies would play with our wee wee’s more we wouldn’t have to go to a Rub and Tug!

  20. Wow! A grown adult touching another grown adults genitalia!! That’s horrible! Omg that’s so much more important than anything else the police could be doing right now! Send in all units immediately!! OR… You could get a life and stay out of other people’s business, you self righteous hypocrites.

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