Springfield Exposed “Changes are here!”

Hey everybody,


We just wanted to bring you an update on our story we launched a few weeks ago. Our former General Manger has stepped down and has left us with a lot to decide. We have an intern manager in place and we are working on a long term plan. We have decided that our social media presence is well established and we will not be reactivating those accounts (Facebook). Readers though are still able to share and like our stories by clicking the assorted buttons on each story.

During our previous administration we strived to post news daily. A recent vote by our board has decided to migrate to a weekly online news source. Our staff will continue to review and respond to submissions from the readers and compile at least one story weekly. If necessary, depending on the news around our community we may add more then one a week.

Our intern manager has agreed to a six month contract, so in early 2017, we will revaluate these decisions. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you continue to enjoy our content. Remember in 2017 we also still  have slated a few more towns! #keepItClassySpringfield”

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15 Comments on "Springfield Exposed “Changes are here!”"

  1. Intern or interim? It would actually explain a lot if this site was run by interns.

  2. poppajon quit kissing ass

  3. Lie after lie after lie after lie. We never tell the truth. You want to know why no one else does you are all snakes so we had to become a snake to. Lots of people get the blame for what the man in the middle does while everyone is on a wild goose chase. You will only find we that watches you sleep. Eye for a eye dirt for dirt you will always be after the wrong person because none of them was us we was always the man in the middle. You keep that in mind when you write your bullshit news story’s. You people are going to get some poor person to go eat a bottle of pills or blow off the head one day. But your kind likes that kind of thing you have no heart you get off on people that suffer. It is very sick. We been watching a very long time. The bad part is you are not the worse of it others are much more sick. Now you go do your little news story maybe this time you will get people killed you people are sick. No we would say no ass kissing. If a person wanted to die we could think of a very good way to go. But you go on little puppets.

  4. Tell me if we had a death wish would you help us show me how sick you are. It is ok we want to go. Would you like to play a sick game. Lets see who you can kill first us or you. We are ready are you.

  5. Confused? You should be but make no mistake about it is a death wish it is all up to you. Some people no longer want to live. We told them it was not you after all it is not you that has a death wish. Lets see how sick you are. We use to believe in something now we are empty and cold. We no longer feel nothing. A life with noting but empty coldness is a miserable life. Now show us how sick you are push us over the edge.

  6. That doesn't matter | October 16, 2016 at 9:00 am | Reply

    This site hasn’t been the same since the previous person stepped down. Don’t like how the new people run this at all!

  7. They will not talk about facts they are just as disgusting now as they ever was.

  8. Opps someone already did this news story.

  9. We talk to you in a way you will no longer ignore.

  10. Why did you remove it. Truth hurts don’t it. Yes we deal with the truth everyday. The painful cold truth.

  11. Poppajon how about u shut the fuck up because it’s public records u dumb fuck n if they wanna bash on people for the dumb Shit they do more power to them but I’m sure no one will kill them shelfs due to people giving false informan

  12. And if you don’t know who originally started the page then your opinion is useless Rk all day fuck with me

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