Springfield Exposed Banned From FaceBook Again!!

Apparently FaceBook’s Policy on Bullying will not let you talk about anyone who is not a famous person…

Stay tuned on Springfield IL Exposed.com for all of our news. Thankfully we had all the content on the website so nothing is lost.


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5 Comments on "Springfield Exposed Banned From FaceBook Again!!"

  1. The cops just left here again an filed another report. See u in Court soon

  2. I have friends in high places who let me no everything u do. I don’t hav to be on ur website an neither do we care. The crime is harassment and intimidation. And false information because neither of us are wanted criminals now an u keep getting a thrill out of posting us. LIke Judge Mehlick said you will be taken care of soon. He said u have cost Sangamon county around $15,000 an it has to be stopped

    • Its Funny Your IPV6 Ending in 4ee3:8801 in the last 48 hours has 8 Visits & 93 Pageviews coming from OS: Android 5 BROWSER: Chrome 39 Mobile RESOLUTION: 360 x 640. You sound really stupid you should read the Intimidation Law in Illinois (http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/fulltext.asp?DocName=072000050K12-6). Yeah that doesn’t apply here at all, but nice try. Here is the Harassment Statue as well “http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs4.asp?ActID=1876&ChapterID=53&SeqStart=74600000&SeqEnd=75300000”. Yeah please enlighten me on how publishing criminal history is harassment? More like features of opinion, public interest disseminated news, user generated content, etc. PS your $15,000 comment was proven to be a lie by the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office see (http://springfieldilexposed.com/sangamon-county-sheriffs-office-lying-again-seems-to-be-a-common-thing). We never once said YOU were a wanted criminal, and we never once said your daughter was either any more. We have banned you once, but you keep coming back. If this was a physical business location you would have been arrested for trespassing, but sadly it isn’t. Have a great day though!

      • Ok, you KNOW people in high places. Thanks for the laugh. And SE is right. It’s not harassment. It’s not even a crime. Go back to thinking you KNOW people in “high places” and keep thinking your hatred of this site FOR POSTING THE TRUTH that anyone can find (you are dumb as a fence post) is going to take it down.

        So I guess outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox are harassing other people by printing their criminal history according to your logic? It’s the same thing. Hey, let’s post personal details about the Planned Parenthood shooter or the San Bernadino shooters…but wait…THAT’S A CRIME!! OMG….STAHHHHHPPPPPP!!! CAN’T DO THAT!! IT’S HARASSMENT BECAUSE CNN PUBLISHED TRUTHFUL INFORMATION!! OH THE HORROR!!

        If it were a crime, NOBODY would be able to post any criminal history, nor would it be public record.

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