Springfield East Side Apartment Complex Gone Crazy!?

Below you will find a three part video from Facebook User Christopher MississippiChris Downing, on a crazy altercation at a Poplar Place Apartments on Springfield’s East Side.

Back in its prime Poplar Place Apartments was not a bad place to live, now filled with Section 8 housing, deteriorating roads, and ridden with crime its a shocker people still are proud to call it home.

Poplar Place Apartments is owned in Part by The Related Companies Inc., a national real-estate company with a focus on luxury apartments in large metropolitan areas. A simple search on their fancy website, doesn’t even list Poplar Place as one of its communities.

Below you will find the three part video, the final part is the chase which I give credit to the camera man he even ran with the camera to keep recording.

If you are looking into moving to Springfield and you found a fancy ad for Poplar Place Apartments make sure you read some reviews and crime statistics…

Enjoy Guys!

Springfield Illinois Poplar Place Apartment Wild Man Part 1

Springfield Illinois Poplar Place Apartment Wild Man Part 2

Springfield Illinois Poplar Place Apartment Wild Man Part 3 THE CHASE!!!

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19 Comments on "Springfield East Side Apartment Complex Gone Crazy!?"

  1. Poplar place should just be….. Bombed lol

  2. So.. That’s what goes on between the hours of 8-5 during the week? Huh.

  3. This video just wouldn’t be right is some dumb fuck wasn’t screaming “world star”. Lmao

  4. There was an error with our upload we are fixing now it should be 3 different videos

  5. Does anyone else notice the cop kicking him in the head?

  6. I can’t decide what’s worse…the obvious ignorant, bigoted, biased camera guy who’s a walking contradiction because he’s an obvious minority himself who seems to think the whole thing is funny, or the amount of people watching and recording with kids running around. Talk about Springfield trash at its finest. Ffs, and you wonder why you’re targeted and over represented in prisons? Look in the mirror morons.

  7. Just because these people live in popular doesn’t make them trash!! And no I don’t live there. I’m sure there are struggling mothers and good hearted people that work full time jobs making minimum wage living there..

  8. It’s unfortunate that someone’s property got damaged… But this is hilarious.

  9. There’s our tax money at work. Jeez.

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