Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings Allegedly Stole Over $4000 From The Autism Society Of Illinois Central Chapter!


AFTER this story aired, the business owner(s) did somewhat respond. They did though due to the PR nightmare they faced, scheduled a “meeting” with the Autism Society in JULY.

As you can see in the comments, the owner made several reasons why this year it has been over 7 weeks with no donation, while last year it only took two weeks. The good thing is though that because of this story action was taken and around $5100 will be donated in July around 3 Months after the event happened.

And that is what Springfield Exposed is good for, to get answers that people wanted, and proper action. Thank you readers! 

Also you may not want to take any more fancy vacations or do any more fundraisers till this money appears, thats according to several comments.. “Just Saying” ….

Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings
Address: 401 S Grand Ave W, Springfield, IL 62704
Phone: (217) 679-8600

Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings recently held an event for Ink4Autism on April 21st and 22nd this year, that was benefiting the Autism Society of America – Central Illinois Chapter .

This year’s event raised around $4000 dollars that was NOT donated to the   Autism Society of America – Central Illinois Chapter .

Any and all information about a grand total of money, or where the money is going, has been removed from Spiral outs page as well as the owner’s personal pages.

One user wrote in saying “I think they are using the $$ to keep their shop open”.

We attempted to reach out to Spiral Out Tattoos and faced a brick wall, no one was willing to speak to us.

A message was sent to the Autism Society and they would not confirm or deny the situation.

What is going on here?


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334 Comments on "Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings Allegedly Stole Over $4000 From The Autism Society Of Illinois Central Chapter!"

  1. James Pendall isn’t there Kelly got hers

  2. Wow. Wonder how true this is..

  3. I don’t believe it. It was “user” submitted.

  4. Better hope this is true or the defamation suits will be spectacular.

  5. I will be extremely upset if this turns out to be true!!! Hoping it’s not!!!

  6. I hope there’s some proof before posting something like this.

  7. The puzzle pieces they was posting pictures of during the event looked like they was done by an autistic kid. There was many people looking at the quality of work and going somewhere else. The entire thing was a horrible publicity stunt.

    • I’ve seen firsthand the artwork that an autistic child/adult can create, and it’s not crap, it’s really good! Just because someone has autism doesn’t mean that they don’t have skills and can’t create artwork just like anyone else.
      As for this shop, I don’t know what their quality is like, but there’s a reason why their artwork looks awful. And I can guarantee you it’s not because they are autistic, it’s just that they obviously suck.

    • Katie newman | June 18, 2017 at 12:39 pm | Reply

      Wow Jessi Davis, what a terrible thing to say about autistic children! My 7 yo happens to be a great artist. You are a cunt.

    • Katie newman | June 18, 2017 at 12:51 pm | Reply

      Wow Jessi Davis, what a terrible thing to say about autistic children! My 7 yo happens to be a great artist. You are a cunt.

  8. Shanon Koester Taylor

  9. I don’t believe this

  10. Well there still has been no posting on Autism Society of America – Central Illinois Chapter …

  11. Where is the proof? Stephen Klein and Rachel DeVault aren’t like that. They are passionate about their careers and giving back. They are a power couple. Why would they do that when their business is already doing so great? #NoReason they wouldn’t do that. They care about helping with Autism. This has to be a lie. They let a few people go from the shop, so someone is probably pissy. Making up shit like this isn’t cool. Rachel has had to take the month off because of health problems, she really shouldn’t have to be dealing with this. They are great local owners. Why be so quick to judge?

  12. The problem with direct user submissions is, it doesn’t have to be true. Anyone can say anything & this page will post it. Stephen & Rachel would NEVER do such a thing! This story is as credible as the Knights Action Park rumor. Springfield Exposed needs to do better!

  13. I know Rachel DeVault & Stephen Klein personally & they’d never do some shady shit like that. Come on now! Somebody’s mad & trying to ruin shit for them . They’re incredible people & they’re going to rise above this BS.

  14. This can’t be true! They are very good people and people like this group to start drama and hurt businesses

  15. Kayla Box Missy Fischer

  16. Tim Fireball Barnard

  17. This page is clearly just posting what has been reported to them. Kudos for saying that it was reported by readers and then doing your research.

  18. The owners have been tagged several times on this post. I would assume they are now aware of this allegation and should be replying shortly to answer the public’s questions. Also, can’t the public reach out to the autism society now to find out if there has been a donation since june 6?


  20. I know both Steve and Rachel personally, and they would never do this.

  21. Rachel & Stephen are GREAT people. They wouldn’t do anything like this. I was even apart of an amazing cause because my son is autistic as well. This page is ridiculous!

  22. Whoever submitted this is probably one of the people who was stealing money from this shop. I love how real the hate is for them. They are almost the most known shop in Springfield and people hate it. Stephen Klein Rachel DeVault keep being amazing seriously

  23. I requested unused gift card money back from this shop after the owner got mad at me because of something her friend says I said. They ignored all requests to make it right.

  24. Rachel & Stephen would NEVER do something like this. They are both amazing and kind hearted people, and i say this from experience. These people would give the clothes off their back to help someone in need. Whoever made up this lie, GET A LIFE. You are a disgusting person and quiet honestly you were probably one of the people that screwed them/the shop over. This honestly disgusts me that anyone would even accuse them of stealing money

  25. Springfield resident | June 17, 2017 at 4:16 pm | Reply

    Hate to break it to those that think so highly of them but this isn’t their first time stealing money. They usually just steal from friends though. It’s extremely appalling to hear they stole from such a reputable charity considering her own son is autistic. I have family who is autistic and have friends that have autistic children themselves. My family has tremendous impact on the autism awareness campaign. I believe every word of these allegations to be true. I hope for their sake it is not.

  26. Looks to me that Springfield exposed is being roasted right now. Who are you anyway? Somebody is on the other side of this. We know who Rachel and Stephen are, good people. Who are you?

  27. Im just going to leave this here.. Im going to make some popcorn this is getting interesting…

    • Springfield resident | June 18, 2017 at 12:22 am | Reply

      Haha lmao they are white trash always been white trash I’m just sitting back watching karma get their asses they came from nothing and the way their going will be back to bumming again soon 😉 maybe they should stop buying vehicles they can’t afford, living in houses they can’t afford n going on trips. They also have 2 known drug addicts working for them proof of it was on fb on video and another employee admitted they was a addict on there own fb page! Real classy..I told your asses karma would get ya!! Waiting
      Love the update great way to cover your ass spiral out lol
      Where’s the money again since Rachel had so many health problems why couldn’t Stephen deliver it he drives lol

  28. Sometimes life gets in the way. Stephen and Rachel have children and health issues right now. This is nothing more than an attempt to drag them thru the mud. Never in my life would I ever believe this. They are both hard working people who will get to it when they can if it hasn’t already been done and simply not processed by the Autism program. These are people folks. Check your facts and watch your words. Not only are they hurtful but you could be hurting innocent people and businesses with these rumors.

  29. What in the World.. Wow Really

  30. This is so fake they did not steal the money

  31. Wouldnt it be great if they were still raising money. . .and this site just ruined it for everyone. . .

  32. Ever think that it takes time for a donation to go through?? So you wanna slander good people because you don’t understand anything about how donations work??

  33. Welcome to Springfield where there’s grownups that act like there in high school! Congratulations you made a fool out of your selfs and know that karma is the biggest bitch you will ever meet! your the lowest people I have ever seen making your selfs look bad lmao

  34. Health issues can be expensive

  35. This is clearly a false statement your going to have a page called Springfield exposed make sure u Clearly no what your talking about and do ur homework before you allow it to be posted

  36. Ya this could be an untrue story and I hope so but would like to see proof of the donation being made now, I mean what is the delay about, if I have the money in hand it takes about 5 minutes so..

  37. No pointing fingers but if they haven’t received money where is it

  38. This is a load of Crap and not true. Where is the proof. There isn’t any

  39. You’re a fuckin idiot

  40. This is ridiculous. Whoever did This needs their Facebook taken away. I have seen so much hate about this shop, and guess what, because of all the hate I male make sure to KEEP recommending them as much as I can. Some people need to get a life.

  41. And being “user submitted” I hope you did some research on that user and made sure it wasn’t a recently let go and disgruntled employee trying to slander a decent company.

  42. This is ridiculous! Grow up.

  43. Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings are we going to get an official comment or receipt even? Maybe there is an honest “delay” thats caused it to be more than 3 times as long as it was last year? Silence is not a good PR trick…

  44. Perhaps they don’t want to play your childish games. ^

  45. Your asking Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings for an official statement about this…..but where is the OFFICIAL statement from the Autism Organization you so called and confirmed this rumor with? Where is that info in writing and the contact person there that confirmed they never got a contribution??? Just saying your info doesn’t seem to line up!

  46. Ok seriously before posting this you really need to get evidence. Even tho right now I’m upset with something that happened there. This isn’t ok. They would never in a million years. Know your facts before you make a false report. I hope they go after you and whomever reported this.

  47. Perhaps, they have family they are tending to. Not busy trolling fb posts and drama!!?

  48. This is the biggest crock of shit. I hope you enjoyed your run while it lasted, Springfield Exposed!

  49. My comment giving you kudos for researching this and asking the Autism society about it was deleted . But I want to follow because that’s a lot of money. These “health care” and “their kids” issues sound expensive

    • The one reply from the autism society literally means nothing. As a business, they’re not required to share classified information.

    • Nataley Maloney If the money was donated to charity and someone asked to confirm don’t you think they would? Say you donate money for something and the organization never sees it. If this is all speculation don’t you think the owners would have cleared it up already?

    • What they said what “we will post on our page when we receive their donation”, as the question asked was “how much did they raise”. They DOES NOT prove that the shop owners stole any money, all it proves is that the autism society isn’t releasing information yet.

  50. Ambre OnlyQueenaround Crimson Lawrence

  51. Talk about fake news.

    If you were an actual journalist and did research you would know this is absolutely not true.

  52. So, it may not meet the conditions of libel, but if I recall correctly you’re playing with defamation of character here.

  53. I love how when people tag this page, it shows the website address link. Clever af.

  54. I got a puzzle piece tattoo at the event and it was ver professional. They guy who did my tattoo actually did a previous tattoo for me. It was a great event and I much respect for the shop who put on the event. I know several people who have been customers there and had great services.

  55. “So naturally people are wondering” is a FAR cry from accusing in your post. Just saying…

  56. Springfield IL Exposed was not ready for the backlash from trying to drag Spiral Out…

  57. Springfield Exposed, where people glorify bullying and slander!

  58. This is bs. I know the owners for many years. And they help people out a lot . They did donate the proceeds. Y’all need something better to do then bring down good people.

  59. This is slander i wld sue

  60. Anyone who believes this is crazy.

  61. Lisa Horsley I am familiar with this place, I could never believe they would do something like this!! I hope it’s not true!

  62. These guys have nothing else better to do with there life’s then to ruin someone else. Its in black and white right there. Sorry handing a check for a large amount can’t just be as easy as shaking hands. So stop your bullshit till you have all the facts. If there’s no receipt after the meeting in july then talk your shit but till then grow up! Springfield exposed.

  63. wow. congrats for sarcastically “correcting” your mistake. their “fancy vacations” have nothing to do with donation money. that makes you sound idiotic.

    • We made no mistake. The money is still MIA… And people were wondering where it was… It an honest question took only two weeks last year why so long this year, sure things happen, but people wanted answers.

    • Your site is not a hero in publishing this piece like you suggested in your update. What a grandiose delusion to even suggest such a thing…

    • it’s not MIA. it is in safe hands waiting to be taken in to their meeting and handed over. they have had the meeting set up since the event. maybe next time you could gather ALL facts before you slander a business again. best of luck to you and your page. hopefully you’ll post more true stories from here on out.

    • my point ashley. and the way they updated it so sarcastically and in such a rude manner. as i pointed out, stephen and rachel’s vacations have absolutely nothing to do with fundraiser money. they work their asses off to be able to afford small luxuries like that. and it actually irritates me to think that anyone would even suggest they used donation money.

  64. They would have gotten their money with or without you making this post. Invalid

  65. Hey Springfield exposed how about you donate to the community or Saint Jude’s or something rather then try to destroy it get out of ur moms basement do something good rather then destroy people’s life’s with your bullshit for likes and attention

  66. Yesterday it was Knights Action Park today Spiral Out- please stop spreading lies people

  67. Lol stand up page wow

  68. Springfield resident | June 17, 2017 at 10:15 pm | Reply

    How stupid can you people be? That isn’t a challenge so please refrain from increasing your stupidity to atrocious levels. There is blatant evidence they have NOT donated and as stated by the Autism Society, they have just made contact to schedule a meeting to finally make the donation. Yes, I get she had health issues and whatnot to deal with but it still could have either been communicated out of respect OR another employee could have made the donation on behalf of the entire business. It is done every day. Be realistic people and stop being so incredibly naive. The puzzle pieces look hideous enough as it is. You would think they would take more pride in their work considering autism is in their immediate family but also for the actual case and simply just to maintain excellence. They have other things they are going to be facing as well aside from this fiasco so stay tuned. I am sure this won’t be the last time you hear of shadiness of the owners of Spiral Out Tattoos and Body Piercings

  69. No, you’re just a dumbass. The event doesn’t just last for those two days. Last year I had to get mine done a whole week after the event because that many people were wanting them. That was just the first year and there were even more people behind me in line. It makes perfect sense that they have them time to get all of the tats done and the money collected before having a meeting to give it over to them. You saw one Facebook post and made one giant assumption. I honestly hope they sue your ass because this definitely falls under libel.

  70. Journalism at its best. Find a story, don’t investigate, then run with it.

  71. They did not steal money and this is fake news!

  72. This is garbage.
    The Autism Society had posted this well before the release of the bullshit story on Springfield Exposed. It is clear that he meeting had been scheduled long ago to donate the funds in July. The only crime here is Springfield Exposed did not do their homework, they could easily have found this on the Charity’s page. Sue the shit out of them Rachel and Stephen.

  73. This meeting was scheduled a week after the fund raiser. The organization told you the funds had not “yet” been donated. It clearly was public knowledge that they were scheduled to be donated at their next meeting in July. There is nothing nefarious about that. I don’t have a dog in this fight, I would say with just a moment of looking I solved the case, you did a piss poor job Springfield Exposed. I’ve read your disclaimer and it does not obsolve you from harm. A hearty and heartfelt retraction is in order here, though I doubt this little joke of a journalistic page is wise enough or capable. That being said, I hope they sue you.

  74. I woke to see this article…after a little creeping Stephen posted on fb that the funds have not been turned over! He said dues to schedule conflict they have missed the last two meetings. They stated they “Will” have the money at the next meeting…smfh. Every time I drive by that place is as dead as d’s auto world not during tax time! That’s why I choose to go to artists not hacks with one style! Sean run like hell!

  75. The money should be turned over immediately! Or charges filed!!! Felony!

  76. You people disgust me! You really need to do some fact checking and soul searching prior to putting something so hateful out there. People do fundraisers out of the goodness of their heart and now the community has you to thank for that coming to an end. I wasn’t aware there was a time limit to make a donation. If you haven’t looked in the dictionary lately you might want to do that. do·na·tion. s[doh-ney-shuhn]

    an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution.
    a gift, as to a fund; contribution. Disliking this page as of now and hoping many others do the same!

  77. Can y’all fucking cool it? Springfield is so fucking full of itself.

  78. Megan Kious what the f

  79. The dumb fuck who runs this page needs to get a fucking life. You point fingers at everyone else and we’re expected to think you’re a saint?! Let’s see your skeletons. Smdh… Y’all are nothing but bitches.

    • Convicted Felons not skeletons just thought I’d throw that in there. Look out Springfield I’m the next contestant on the gossip network. Good Luck. Let me know if you have issues finding dirt??? I’ll be glad to go buy a bag of top soil for you fucking low life’s.

  80. This is a bullshit post

  81. When you get sued, we’ll all be here laughing in your troll ass face! Ignorant fucks. Take your lies elsewhere. You have no right to try to spread lies about anyone especially considering the man who made this page is on trial for pedophilia

  82. They are scheduled to deliver the money in July. So this is complete bullshit.

  83. How tf did I get blamed for this to all u fucking fucks who think it was me fuck u n die

  84. Unfortunately…. Facebook allows this kind of trash to be posted without zero proof… Hell the supreme Courts ruled in favor of journalist to be able to post absolute garbage with zero factual proof. This is the world we live in.. where journalist are out front blood.. and can get away with saying absolutely anything.. also, we fail to recognize this page for what it is.. gossip

  85. David Lester weve even defined our user posts as a gossip rag js.

  86. David get off here bro

  87. So zero journalism just a Springfield IL enquirer

  88. I know the people you are bad mouthing. they are nice and would help anyone that needed it. I can not wait until they prove you wrong and sue your ass. now get a fucking life and leave people alone until you have the facts.

  89. anybody who believes this shit is ignorant.

  90. Like. Why keep going tho?

  91. dude do you ever stfu?

  92. The moment you just have to bite your tongue so hard from saying anything because you are more mature than this high school drama bs!!! I say, let this figure its self out. Stop arguing with this troll who has nothing better else to do to than to shame people. Low low low. Wishing those trolls well and hope they find a life.

  93. Springfield Exposed, here is where your story falls apart and your story becomes contrived and defamatory. You clam you contacted The Autism Society and Spiral Out several weeks after the fund raiser. You claim it was “then”, Spiral Out made an appointment to donate the money. In this photo we see your edited photo you present as evidence. Clearly the piece is edited and does not reflect the date of the posts around it. In the photo below, it clearly shows the meeting was scheduled around April 29, 2017 to have the donation delivered at their quarterly meeting. Long before your story broke. You contrived evidence to bolster your lies and false narrative and now you should receive your just reward. The disclaimer you’ve so generously posted will not protect you as you have violated the terms of that disclaimer. A swift and immediate retraction and apology is required or I fear you will now suffer as they have suffered.

  94. This unedited version clearly shows the meeting was scheduled for July, days after the fundraiser and long before your libelous story was written.

  95. That screen shot was taken on June 17th 2017 at 8pm. 37 minutes after the society posted the comment at 7:27pm on June 17,2017. Which is a mere few hours after out story was posted at 3:17pm on June 17th,2017. Any questions @lori walker

  96. Reading all these comments got me like

  97. If you don’t agree or you don’t like it stop fucking commenting and leave it the fuck alone. Your just making yourselves look childish by commenting. Obviously some of you like drama if you are still on the page.

  98. I don’t see the comments where she says why they haven’t donated yet.

  99. I’ll just stick to Outkast…….

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