Who Are These Two Women Who Allegedly Pepper-Sprayed A Child At The Mall!

Earlier this week we brought you the story

Anyone Recognize These Two Women That Said “Fuck Your Baby” & Pepper Sprayed A Child!


Take a good look at these photos! Do you recognize either one of these ladies?

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20 Comments on "Who Are These Two Women Who Allegedly Pepper-Sprayed A Child At The Mall!"

  1. Pieces of shit it looks like. Ytf does a child deserved to be pepper sprayed?!?

  2. White Oaks Mall Simon Malls, sounds like you need to evaluate your subcontracted security.

  3. Paul Blart’s Segway wasn’t fast enough to catch them

  4. It’s magilla gorilla and her side kick pookie¡

  5. I worked at the mall and believe me security was a jokeeeee

  6. The lady security officer could’ve caught them if she wanted. she wouldn’t even put on a hustle when the altercation was occurring, you could clearly tell she did not want anything to do with these two pieces of trash either. But that’s her job, she should look into a different profession.

  7. Is it just me or is the security footage really s***** for today’s technology?

  8. You would think since Simon Malls make so much money they really do they’re huge, they would spend just a touch more money on good security cameras that can put out a photo quality picture.

  9. GOD DAMN. Look at them thighs…

  10. Sheryl wright | July 6, 2017 at 10:41 pm | Reply

    Stfu nicki because if you and ur fiancé would have left them alone and not tried to do the job of the mall staff this situation would have never occurred come on now pick your battles wisely sorry for the child but you put him in danger I was there and I heard all the racial slurs oh you forgot to mention that huh

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