So Jasen Manuele Knows He Can Threaten To Kill Your Mom & Get Away With It… Just Like Raping Kids?

Check out the audio below of a recorded conversation sent into us!

What a shame… Sick Man!

Guess he threatens to rape kids because he feels the same way…

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8 Comments on "So Jasen Manuele Knows He Can Threaten To Kill Your Mom & Get Away With It… Just Like Raping Kids?"

  1. Im going to beat him with a 14.5 inch double ended dildo!

  2. If he would just off himself that’d be great! Him & Nicole Miller are a good looking couple. I wonder if they rub pot holes in their faces together?!? Her mans sister is fucking hot as fuck tho! I hear her baby daddy is banging too… Can’t wait to see how hot these kids are going to be!

  3. Nicole Miller | May 30, 2016 at 12:53 pm | Reply

    Eric please don’t. You know I don’t want my man to know I want to keep fucking him. I’ve been telling you that. I’m sorry but me & him had the best sex

  4. Hairandnails | May 30, 2016 at 2:12 pm | Reply

    I havent been wanti g to say anything on her so i will remain anonymous. I met Jasen manuele off of a dating site about a year ago while he was still seeing Angie. This man has some serious serious issues all he could talk about was Randy and Eric and that he swore that they knew me. I have no idea who those two were but I feel very bad for them he said he’s making it his life’s mission to ruin both of them. I thought I was going to be raped or something inside of that garage. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life I think he tried putting something inside of my drink he kept forcing me to want to drink something after he went into another room. Somebody get this man please off the streets

  5. I wish this dude would just go away like forever

  6. Nicole Miller | May 31, 2016 at 3:39 am | Reply

    Unfortunately he’s not smart enough to fuck with Randy or Eric. He has no life mission except raping people’s innocent children and abusing woman. I used to cheat on my man and fuk him his dick was so good but he isn’t smart enough to take these guys down. He’s always so scared to do anything because he’s afraid of these 2 guys. All he will do is bully on Facebook or call the cops. I’m happy you got out alive but I’m gonna beat Angela Davis ass that nasty bitch tried attacking me at knights action park. Next time I see her I’m beating her fucking ass… Believe dat

  7. Angela and Jasen are made for each other. They both feed off drama,live off their parents and they both smoke crack. Angela tries using men for cocaine and weed but she is so damn ulgy even thr hard up ass dudes wont fuck her nasty ass. Bitch thought she was cute running with my man but wait tili get that ass whore. Jasen quit stalking already nobody wants your nasty ass either lmfao scrubs

  8. Angela and Jasen are meant for each other. They are both white trash and will never amount to shit. They constantly cheat on each other and try to drag ppl in their bs!!! Angela will fuck anything with a dick for drugs!!!! Then she will talk bs in fb but ain’t about shit. Both of these bitch made mother fuckers will get their karma!!!! Rott in hell scum bags!!!!

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