So It Was Probation For Russell W. Boswell Who Committed Statutory Rape To A 15 Year Old Boy!

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Russell W. Boswell Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With 15 Year Child In RIVERTON PARK

Meet Russell W. Boswell.

So guilty as charged….  BUT HE GOT PROBATION!!!

Present the State by ASA BRIAN SHAW. Present the Defendant, in person, in the custody of the Sheriff, and by Attorney MARK K. WYKOFF. Cause called for hearing on Defendant’s motion to withdraw plea of not guilty to Count I, AGGRAVATED CRIMINAL SEXUAL ABUSE, a Class 2 Felony. Defendant advised of rights and possible penalties and knowingly waives same. Plea of guilty accepted. Judgment entered on the plea. Parties stipulate to findings in the Predisposition Investigation. Pursuant to negotiations, the Defendant is hereby sentenced to 36 months’ probation. Defendant is to serve 130 days in the Sangamon County Jail, with credit for time served awaiting trial.

Wow Probation for ruining a kids life. Speaking of which ASA Brian Shaw this kid has been in and out of the suicide ward over 5 times since this assault.

Way to go Sangamon County!

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13 Comments on "So It Was Probation For Russell W. Boswell Who Committed Statutory Rape To A 15 Year Old Boy!"

  1. Mr. Shaw seems to be part of the problem around here. Quit letting these creepers off w probation. It makes no sense to let a molester right the hell back on the streets. Apparently we need a new ASA??

  2. I hope people open fire and execute this kinds of sick fucks

  3. Natalie Miller Theresa Geist Lisamarie McDermott

  4. Show all your neighbors so we all now who’s in our neighborhood. Sickening

  5. Dillon Martin you think we would get a worse punishment for setting him on fire?

  6. Wonder if the ASS oops I mean ASA has a teenage kid and how they’d feel if it was their kid and their molester was set free

  7. It’s sagamon county the problem the judges don’t do nothing. Put them loose

  8. They always give these sick motherfuckers probation!!!! It blows my mind

  9. Snarky McSnark | August 21, 2017 at 5:59 am | Reply

    He just wanted chinese: cream of sum yung guy.

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