Snitch Alert Love Circle Or Robbery Scheme?

You may remember we brought to you to an alert on Megan Ransford (SNITCH ALERT – MEGAN R. RANSFORD) & one on David Kimberley (SNITCH ALERT – David Kimberly).

After the alerts ran several people wrote in about both of them separately, but also several people wrote in about both of them together after Megan’s ran. This just goes to show how small this town really is sadly…

According to records Megan accused David of Robbing her of an undisclosed amount of cash.

Several statements made to us on the incident stated it didn’t go down like the were told.

According to sources Megan and David were “hanging out” at the sober house David resided at. Megan was really clingy to David allegedly and took his cellphone and jacket so he had to see her. One source wrote that Megan had the police called because David had allegedly “stole more money” from her. The real story according to several sources was that Megan had allegedly paid David to have sex with her and that the sex wasn’t good enough so she wanted the money back!

Now a source close to Megan who refers to themselves as a “friend” of hers wrote in the following. “I know a lot of people are going to tell you stories about Megan & David since they now have been both featured. Do understand that Megan is a great woman and just needs loving. Sadly though at times she does chose the wrong guys and the wrong ways to get that accomplished. Paying for it isn’t the way to get loved.”

Looking at court documents there were never formal charges filed on this incident. Hey Megan David just posted bond on his pending case last week, you might be able to hit him up again ;).

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  1. Over in southern view

  2. What is a sober house?

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