SNITCH ALERT – Adam Trader & Katie Scupham


For More Details Read Springfield IL Exposed Launches Snitch Alert Program!!

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11 Comments on "SNITCH ALERT – Adam Trader & Katie Scupham"

  1. They are panhandlers! It’s how they make their living! Adam is my nephew’s father. Does he spend time with him? Hell no! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard my nephew cry because he hasn’t seen his dad in years! But that’s ok cuz my nephew has a wonderful mother and stepfather that will do anything for him!

  2. I didn’t but i just liked their page

  3. Never seen them before! I look out what street they stand on? #worldbumvideos

  4. Usually at Wal-Mart on n dirksen

  5. He’s my son……been there since he was an infant and always will be!!!!!

  6. I’m sorry i should have said “sperm donor”

  7. Adam a bitch did a burglary and get 60 days and 60 days good time and with 2 years on tasc probation fucking dead beat dad drug user and a scary ass dude that want to fight at the jail house only because there was a cop there pussy didn’t do shit soon I got up in his face ya he is snitch bitch and soon I catch his ass I’m going to catch a case

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