Small Local Media Outlets Always Overlooked!

In this day in age we are in, heading to your local social media platform or news website is usually part of your morning routine now a days. It isn’t anymore the day in age like it use to be when you ran outside in the freezing cold at 430 in the morning to get your copy of The State Journal Register (to be honest I don’t even think since they outsource the printing of the paper that you even get it that early anymore).

Over recent months we have noticed how the “big traditional news” overlooks the local media outlets.

Recently traditional media is pointing out and causing a big scene on the woman reading during Donald Trump’s visit to Springfield, IL on Monday. Check Out This Story!

Funny part local outlet 217 Problems brought you it first just moments after it happened (see November 9 at 9:21pm ).

Now some would argue is 217 Problems classified as a Media Outlet? We spoke to its founder briefly on this matter, no matter if anyone agree if he is Media one thing is clear with a following of over 38,000 people he must be doing something right.

News media is defined as “an umbrella term for all the sources and presentation of news and information, including: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, web pages and blogs. An example of the news media is any outlet where a reporter’s story could be printed or spoken. .

Granted this is much different than the argument that we are presenting dealing with arguing that Springfield IL Exposed is a News Organization defined by Illinois Statue, but none the less webpages and blogs alike in the general whelm of things are in fact by definition NEWS MEDIA.

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