Small County Sheriff’s Office Verse Big County

Meet Christian County Illinois Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp

Doing some standard research today we came across the Christian County Sheriff’s Office Website ( .We noticed it is a lot easier to get ahold of your Sheriff in a small county like Christian, than it is here in say Sangamon County.

On Christian County’s Website it says:
“Sheriff Kettelkamp can be reached by telephone at his office (217) 824-4961, at home (217) 824-2607, or on his cell phone at (217) 820-0758.The Sheriff’s email address is ”

On Sangamon County’s Website ( it says:
” E-mail the

Which from the looks of that, that isn’t even the Sheriff’s email address, that looks more like his assistant/secretary’s.

Oh well that’s the down fall for living in a big county, hard to get ahold of your elected personnel.

Congrats Christian County, if you need to get ahold of your Sheriff there you go!

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2 Comments on "Small County Sheriff’s Office Verse Big County"

  1. Sangamon county doesn’t give a shit. too busy with hoes and pickles

    • SpringfieldILExposed | September 16, 2015 at 12:08 am | Reply

      LOL! Don’t forget about the drunks as employees, sleeping while working, excessive taser use, etc. More stories to come

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