Sheena J. Ross Convicted Shop Lifter – Who Are You??

Meet Sheena J. Ross

Sheena here has been submitted more than once to be featured as a “Dead Beat Mother”.

Looking into her criminal past nothing but some little Misdemeanors Traffic Related and Retail Theft Related.

What’s her story? Fill in the comments or shoot us an email at with your story on Sheena.


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43 Comments on "Sheena J. Ross Convicted Shop Lifter – Who Are You??"

  1. Jay Ross Kelly Logue Travis Brooke Courville Tara Lutzow Christy Thomas

  2. Whore with 5 kids with 5 men, takes care of none !!! Ruins other families, sells her ass for a mcchicken and a nail fill

  3. Lmfao omg hahahahaahahahahahaah

  4. That what crack does to you !!

  5. Let’s not forget a home wrecker

  6. That shit is great

  7. Quote of the day “Sells her ass for a Mcchicken!”

  8. She can run her mouth and not do shit when she gets stuff smacked out her hands. Or like she tells you she’ll be waiting for you when you get off work!

  9. Look at those dick suckers

  10. I use to like this girl but when i found out about for real she is lower than low sorry Jay Ross I hope ur doin good with them girls

  11. Jessica Shaylynn woah dude

  12. Jesus. This bitch is fucking worthless. She’s my 1st cousin. She’s got 5 kids with 4 different baby daddy’s. Doesn’t have a fucking one of them. 4 of them aren’t even in this state. Jay Ross & Darian Rollins Ross take care of the youngest 2 babies and they’re in the best shape I’ve ever seen them. He came and got the youngest and she wasn’t being fed or changed and she’s finally the size she needs to be now. Thank you Jay for taking care of my baby cousins… and one of them isn’t even yours! I love you and Darian. She does anything to get high. She let’s the “man” she’s with beat her everyday and continues to stay because she just wants the dick.

  13. Well holy hell this is juicy I just wanted to comment so I can hear more

  14. Pretty sure she was living in someone’s garage for a while too until she got beat up when she was found

  15. Omg Sheena!wtf is wrong with you? As one of her best child hood friends, I’m disgusted!!

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