Sharon Crayne, Local Prostitute.

Remember we brought you a story a few weeks ago on a Sangamon County Sheriffs Corrections Officer allegedly soliciting and purchasing sex from known prostitutes? ( )

Meet SCSO CO Brent Ferro

In the Internal Affairs complaint filed by Brandy Crayne (pictured below), she stated that on more than one occasion she had sex for money with CO Ferro. She filed a complaint when she was told that CO Ferro had allegedly made an advance at her daughter Sharon Crayne who had been arrested for prostitution also.

Brandy Crayne

Sharon Crayne herself isn’t new to the criminal justice system, at only the age of 22 she has a Felony Conviction of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Misdemeanor Convictions of Retail Theft (2 times), and Prostitution.

In December of 2012 Sharon Crayne was arrested with Halei Brincken (who at the time was the daughter of a Sangamon County States Attorneys Office Employee) for prostitution by the Springfield Police Department.

Halei Brincken

Sharon & Halei met with 5 Undercover Police officers at the Holiday Inn here in Springfield and agreed for $600 they would perform lap dances and sexual acts on the 5 officers.

Sharon spent a little time in the Sangamon County Jail this year for Probation Violations, she is currently out and has stayed under the radar.

I’ve made it a point not to read Springfields Backpage ( ), because in the past Its always like Hey I went to high school with her, or Oh she works at the bank I go to blah blah blah lol.

Below are the rest of Sharon Cryane’s mug shots. Please tell me she wasn’t being a hooker pregnant…

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10 Comments on "Sharon Crayne, Local Prostitute."

  1. So you say this all with 100% fact that this dude fucked these chicks? How can you not see they are trying to get him in trouble when he possibly didnt even do anything, Mother and daughter are whores. You really believe what comes out of their mouths besides semen?

    • SpringfieldILExposed | September 11, 2015 at 12:05 am | Reply

      Can you say with 100% fact he didn’t? The mother was able to describe details of his house to investigators. Sure the mother and daughter might both be hookers, one or both of them may have taken care of him, hell maybe they thought it was their get out of jail free card. No one will ever know what truly went down. There is two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth…

  2. Actually, she wasn’t prostituting while pregnant so before you try to expose anyone, you should probably get your facts straight. Thanks, have a great time stating false information!

  3. She is not outa jail she in prison right now

  4. You have no idea who Brandy Crayne is or her daughter for that matter. Why don’t you just stop. Talk about your self You won’t you would have to have something interesting to say.

  5. What street should I look on to find beautiful hookers like that?

  6. This is not bad, open my personal information.

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