Shaner’s Towing Violating Sangamon County Sheriff’s Tow Policy & Getting Away With It!?

An anonymous source leaked us some interesting details on the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office and their agreement with Shaner’s Towing as an approved tow operator.

Take a look at the above Requirements for all Tow Drivers for the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office. These requirements are on EVERY application to become a Tow Driver for the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office.

We emailed the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office asking for the policy on removing a Tow Operator and we were provided this.

Who here remembers Christina S. Roach?
From our story Christina S. Roach Pleads Guilty To Violation Of Owners Duties (Animal Abuse/Neglect).

According to court documents Christina is a Tow Driver for Shaner’s Towing.

According to the Tow Policy all Operators agree to Shaner’s Towing is prohibited from being a Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Tow Operator because one of its drivers has a criminal conviction within the last 5 years (As Ms. Roach here has pled guilty to charges in 2015 and 2012).

We reached out to Sheriff Barr for comment on this and no response was given to our email.

Above is the “current” Approved Tow Operators for the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office. Obviously they need to do updating as even one of the business’s address is wrong.


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25 Comments on "Shaner’s Towing Violating Sangamon County Sheriff’s Tow Policy & Getting Away With It!?"

  1. Lmao so much going on in that place it ain’t even funny

  2. Shaners isn’t all bad tho its just some of the ppl that work at shaners Shane isn’t a bad guy he will do a lot to help ppl out

    • Perry, you did nothing BUT talk shit about Shaner to my husband. All you did was run your mouth about that place. GTFO

  3. Shows how much you guys know…she doesn’t work for shaners anymore

  4. Shane is good peoples, but he sure does hire some goofies!

  5. You guys suck for always trying to hurt people or businesses!

  6. Of course the Roach family again

  7. Hey exposed I can give ya some good shit on their so called accountant lmao

  8. She did just work there 2 months ago and they own 3 companies on the tow list that she would be employed for considering if you work for Shaners you also work for G4 and BP

  9. I gotta disagree there are contracts signed in them trailer parks about parking and towing. After a certain hour you are not allowed to be in the street the reason for this is that it takes just minutes for a trailer to get out of control if it caught fire and fire trucks need the whole road to safely make turns to get to a fire also can’t be parked in the grass it messes the property up

  10. Now Lisa I do understand what your saying some drivers are not honest and he could of hooked up and moved it then took pictures

  11. Sorry it was a different tow company so I deleted my comment. And yes Perry you are correct about them having contracts with trailer parks and can only park on the street until a certain time frame. It wasnt Shaners that has a contract with the trailer park I live in its Mullagins towing… So sorry again for my comment!

  12. I was one of those unlicensed drivers and even got a violation of classification ticket for not having the proper license and got fined 190 bucks which they didnt even offer to help pay nor did they try to get me my license knowing damn good and well that i only had a permit

  13. Just my 2 cents, again.... | January 21, 2016 at 1:41 am | Reply

    Shane will help anyone.
    He’d even give a low life scum like this girl, a shot at a job…
    But, since I’m sure that contract nets quite the profit $, I definitely would’ve made sure all the I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed.

  14. Maube you should stop slamming peoples businesses. Who gives a fuck who tows for the Springfield police. I dont see your ass out helping when its below zero outside or rains cats and dogs.

  15. Lol ..this funny but f u exposed

  16. Shane is a nice guy but you still have a contact to follow if she know longer works there that fine but I know she took the safety course at the end of last month as was working for him then , he don’t own BP towing the other one he owns is Pate towing he is managing G4 a fee pays for the tows but all his drivers drive for all his companies in these days and time it’s hard to keep a small business a float believe me I know !!

  17. So your just posting crap to hurt local businesses.
    He does go out of his way for family, friends and people down on their lives and has given a hand up so many times he can’t count. This don’t and won’t hurt him because it’s b.s..

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