Shaners Towing Loves Animal Abusers!? – Amanda K. Fox

Remember our story Shaner’s Towing Violating Sangamon County Sheriff’s Tow Policy & Getting Away With It!?

Then we told you about how
Christina S. Roach Pleads Guilty To Violation Of Owners Duties (Animal Abuse/Neglect).
Christina Roach was convicted of Animal Abuse…

Also by that conviction and her working for Shaners Towing, it violated the company’s contract with the County.
Well guess they found a work around for this..
Meet Amanda K. Fox.

According to reports Amanda here is a Dispatcher/Office Manager for Shaners Towing. She also was convicted last year of Cruel Treatment to Animals & Violations of Owners Duties…

In a negotiated plea with the State she received 1 Year of Probation, 40 Hours of Community Service,, & a $600 Fine.

Technically Shaners is currently not in violation of the County Contract like they where before with Ms. Roach since Ms. Fox is not a driver nor owner.

Shaners do you have a thing for people who abuse animals?

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111 Comments on "Shaners Towing Loves Animal Abusers!? – Amanda K. Fox"

  1. None of your business | May 19, 2016 at 1:27 pm | Reply

    I think this is a bunch of bullshit…..

  2. I don’t think this is right

  3. Where is your proof

  4. They just like to stir crap they know nothing about

  5. Again Tori Howland Court Dockets dont lie…

  6. Karen Brown sure we know nothing about the actual details of the conviction, but we do know she was CONVICTED of animal abuse…

  7. She is a good person and a good mother

  8. Tori Howland maybe she is. I don’t know her personally, but I do know she was convicted of abusing/neglecting animals…

  9. Dose not mean you need to facebook blast her

  10. Tori Howland the actual story is on our New/News Media Website, we only share a link on Facebook like any organization does.

  11. Why are you bad mouthing shaners

  12. Karen Brown did you read the story or just the headline?

  13. Im her daughter and the only reason sbe was charged was because her soon to be ex husband and his children were left with the animals we moved out and was separated so if you want some shit to talk about dig in your own life and get tbe facts completely straight you all are wrong and sick in the head for bashing people on here if you dont know whats going on in someones personal life maybe you should get to know them my mother never had a damn thing on her record until she left her husband and people like you have made our life nothing but hell since then idc if im in the wrong for being upset but yall need to be shut down you are fucked up individuals and cowards to bash people you are the real drama in this town and you all need to get a real job fuck you all thats what i have to say

    • Thanks for your feedback! The facts are she was convicted of abusing animals. No matter the circumstance she was found guilty is all we said.

    • She was but she never hurt an animal im telling you that … All she wanted was away from a horrible situation and this is what she gets shes a great mother and anyone in town that knows her will say the same i think you guys need to get a lot more in tell on the whole situation at hand before you bring it to the world of face book the one place a respectful persons life can be ruined thats all yall are doin

    • Sandra Olsen | July 3, 2016 at 2:14 am | Reply

      Sorry it’s public info and she was convicted

  14. As a friend of the family I am asking that this post be taken down we do not need this stress

  15. Tori Howland we appreciate your feedback, but the story stays. Here and on our website we will continue to run this as there was a conviction of animal abuse.

  16. I do as well Tori Howland this is bull shit and i will be contacting facebook too along with many other who will be willing to shut this page and other exposed pages down this is wrong

  17. Good luck Bailee. Even if you somehow can get that accomplished the story stays on our website, which is how it is shared all over the internet. Getting the post off Facebook or the page shut down does nothing.

  18. I really like how everyone is making my brother out to be the bad guy. :\ He’s the one that worked three fucking jobs to provide for his family. The dogs were NOT his. Were NOT his responsibility. :\

  19. I like how my brother is to blame when the dogs weren’t his responsibility. He worked three jobs. /:

  20. He also likes to fuck 15 yr old girls!!

  21. For everyone in the organization i just want it to be heard that threatening her children isnt going to do nothing and im tired on the messages

  22. Exposed Publishing NFP does not condone or recommend it’s users to contact anyone or their families to intimidate or harass them.

  23. Do you only do stories on white people. Calvin

  24. Kendra Spallinger you are saying Shaner had sexual relations with you when you were 14? How old was he? When was this?

  25. Who ever is threatening my little sister better stop

  26. Tori Howland you’re not even blood related. 😐

  27. So that don’t mean nothing she like my little sister

  28. LMFAOOOOOO. This is great. D:

  29. Springfield Lawyer | May 19, 2016 at 3:17 pm | Reply

    If she is “innocent” you don’t take a plea. To prove your innocence you take it before a judge or 12 county residents. This page is simply posting PUBLIC INFORMATION! Tori Howland and Bailee Tanner can puff HUGE CLOUDS OF SMOKE, but at the end of the day is SHE TOOK A PLEA AGREEMENT FOR SOME REASON! Suck it up! She fucked up and now she can live with it. Public information can’t be “taken down” by Facebook or anyone. It is not until they have “slandered”, “libel”, or grossly mistook the truth. She plead out to animal abuse! Sorry, but the facts lie in the Sangamon county circuit clerks court docket! Don’t fuck up and they have nothing to post about you. Or take it to trial and prove your innocence.

  30. 22 years ago Shaner according to alleged victim had sexual relations with a minor child. Wow…. The plot thickens

  31. This post was about an animal abuser….who lived in filth. My kids,we’re slways told to NOT EAT what she brought to any functions. End up sick. Nasty.

  32. Not always the case Springfield lawyer.. I took a plea on a driving thing because the deal is better than the possible punishment.. I wish we could all trust the legal system to do it right.. But we all know it doesnt.. They entice you with a deal to get a “guilty” under their belt.. Especially if you can’t afford a lawyer. Court appointed lawyers are burnt out and barely have the time to give anyone.. All that being said.. This chick is still a dirtball!!

  33. The legal system sucks and we all know this. I know many people who have had to take plea deals because their unique situations fell through cracks of the law. I know this woman and her family have been through quite enough heartache in the last couple years. Give it rest people. This what’s wrong with the world today. Everybody jumping in other people’s business instead of handling their shit!!!

    • No yo business bitch | May 19, 2016 at 10:29 pm | Reply

      Fuck bailee tanner and your mother y’all deserve everything y’all getting. Your house is trashed, and your sister has siezurs and shit. You don’t even have running water in your house.

    • Yeah but no one thinks of the heartache that SHE caused my brother. What SHE cost my brother.

  34. Anonymouse former neighbor. I should have seen this coming. Her husband is a great man that worked his ass off to support his AND her kids. Worked three jobs to pay the bills that she couldn’t even do. He made it to where she didn’t have to work all he wanted in return was his home taken care of. She couldn’t even do that. It always looked like a trash pit cause she’s fucking lazy. I moved from the area because she ended up having bugs. The animals always looked like shit. Her oldest daughter, Bailee? Always looked like a $2 hooker ALL the time. So yeah. I seen all this coming. Nasty bitch.

  35. Anonymouse neighbor here. I should have seen this coming her house always looked like shit I even moved from the area her oldest daughter always looked like a 2 dolla hooker. Her husband worked his dick off to provide for his and her children in return he trusted her to take care of a checkbook making sure bills were paid and keeping the house clean. She can’t even do that. I stepped one foot in that house and almost threw up so while he’s out working his ass off she’s out whoring around guess daughter like mother? In my honest opinion she got what she deserved feel bad for the animals and her husband though

  36. Wow! As a former employee of shaners I believe that

    Wow!! I do have to say that Amanda’s husband ran his ass in the ground to support his family while she sat on hers. She is nothing but white trash that don’t deserve her kids hell she can’t even take care of 2 dogs let alone 3 kids. And as a former employee of shares

  37. And as a former employee of shaners miss perfict bailee tanner has been caught in the back seat of his pretty white and blue rollback a number of times that’s why his girlfriend Tasha Larson left his sorry ass let’s not forget she was also dating a driver that got killed last September he was 21 and she was 16 wonder why he let a 16 year old go on calls with the driver? Oh yeah she was servicing both of them. Both those skanks got what they deserve I know I got the gift that keeps on giving from her mother.

  38. If this bitch is so perfict I have pictures of this nasty bitch’s trailer I’m surprised. She kept her fucking kids. Talk about mother of the year.

  39. For all your towing needs, baby rapers, prostitutes and all your necessity. Shaners is your one stop V.D stop.

  40. And wharf a coincidence with shaners underage allegation? Miss cry baby pirfect bailee tanner snapchat name is towtruck girl? How many More drivers want to come forward? David wagonblast, tony Lester, Jason beard?

  41. Well shaners towing is loosing our business

    • Just remember that this is only one side of the story.

    • If there was a charge at ALL that is the story. She was living there.. In filth with dogs that as a grown woman she should have taken responsibility for.. ESPECIALLY if there were children around.. So what’s the other half of the story?? She was lazy and ignored the issue?? Good story…

    • The truth is she was fucking lazy. She used my brother. Stole. He worked THREE fucking jobs to provide and HIS home gets taken because she “don’t know where the money went”. I don’t give a fuck. She broke my brothers heart. and then to sit and blame him for this? What person in their right mind working three jobs is gonna get two pits? The dogs were HER responsibility. Ffs. They were locked in cages day in and day out. Might have got taken out once a day. So they were living in their own filth. You don’t do that to animals.

  42. I love how people throw rocks at a glass house. There is one person commenting on this post that has no right to say anything.

  43. Do we know what exactly she did to be charged with animal abuse?

  44. Jenna Lynn Felts I suggest you stop fucking with people… We all know your husband send your best friend pictures to your friend & one of them happened to be him naked with a washcloth up his ass. You got a big mouth for someone that has aired her dirty laundry on Facebook.

  45. No yo business bitch | May 20, 2016 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    This shit is hilarious lmao! Everyone know Shane and his bullshit of a towing company is nothing but bullshit. While Shane is fucking bailee and every other girl at shaners. And bailee fucks every man she sees. Nothing surprises me. Her mom is a whore too just every man at shaners. Sleeping with the nastyest things she can find. Whoever will support her. So fuck both of them. I’m sick of their shit.

  46. No yo business bitch | May 20, 2016 at 9:29 pm | Reply

    Not to mention she has nemourous STDs so I would rather see both go rote in hell for the shit they doing. They spreading STDs like wild fire and not telling anyone they fucking about it. So yeah they better stay the fuck away from me my family and my fiance .

  47. Jimmy Johns | May 21, 2016 at 3:00 am | Reply

    Holly Wood, I think your the one who needs to keep your mouth shut. Your not even part of any of this. This is Jenna Felts family and if you have a legitament bitch with her, take it up somewhere else. We don’t wanna hear any of your bullshit. We are talking about people who are mistreating animals and you wanna make this your arena for throwing trash without proof. Take your shit somewhere else.

    • I appreciate you standing up for me Jimmy John. I blocked her not too long ago. I figured out how she’s found out all this information. I’m being accused of trying to sell formula. Which I told a girl who screwrd me out of money I would sell it to her as a joke. I gave the stuff away. She claims in get WIC which I don’t because I don’t have kids. She claims I’m selling it for my friends which I’m not. The shit was a month ago and apparently she can’t let it drop. The shit about my husband was back in September, and none of her business, but she feels it is. Oh well. She claims the authorities already have all my information, yet the cops have been to my neighbors 11 times in the past 3 weeks. Each time the officer took my name and not one has said a word about it to me. So.. Thank you again. (:

  48. Shanners has had crack heads working for him sad

  49. Jimmy Johns…. I don’t give a fuck what you’re talking about. That little bitch runs her mouth to everyone likes she’s some type of angel. She needs to take a fucking seat before she ends up in a position she doesn’t want to be in

  50. Jimmy Johns | May 21, 2016 at 8:50 pm | Reply

    Holly wood and yes your running your fucking mouth and don’t know what your talking about. If her and her husband were having problems that’s none of your fucking business. THAT IS UNLESS YOU ARE THE FACEBOOK POLICE. This is her sister in law and she’s defending her brother just like you would do. You sound like your only pissed because you didn’t get any free formula or whatever you wic people get. So keep your shit off her. We are discussing animal cruelty and you wanna make it all about you and your bullshit so STFU

  51. DrunkenDave Detzburg | May 22, 2016 at 6:31 pm | Reply

    Jenna Lynn Felts, is there ever a story on here you AREN’T a part of? LMAO. FFS, I can imagine how you live, it’s “dat dramas” 24/7, aint it? 😀

    • Well sadly my family is 90% stupid. Richard is my dumbass brother. And this…thing…is my other brothers soon to be ex wife.

  52. Wonder how the state county and city law in forcement would like to Know shaners had a driver that was on the sex offenders list zackary r squires??

  53. Jimmy Johns that bitch has pulled some shit & ran her mouth too many times. She’s getting everything she deserves. you need some welfare? She’ll hook you up

  54. I can’t help it her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory

  55. I’m just going to say, hate this or not, but Shane McDermith is one of the very few people that actually give others a chance to prove themselves. Yes he hires people out of jail or recovering addicts, but how many other companies actually give these type of people chances? Usually they can’t find jobs and resort back to the life of crime. If you know of anyone who has been labeled felon then you know how hard it is to find an employer that gives chances. However, if they fuck up then he doesn’t hesitate to fire. As for his sex with minors, if he did molest anyone, with him being known throughout the town, that would have been hige news and the parents of said minor would have probably sued since we all know that shane is money and everyone wants a quick buck. Yes shane lives a wild and crazy lifestyle, but usually within the legal limit other than texting/phone use while driving. I haven’t even seen the guy drive after a beer, but he doesn’t even drink often and he doesn’t use drugs. As for 16 year olds riding in his trucks, he’s family oriented and he does allow people to ride, cuz it can be fun. He took my 2 year old in a truck, I been in a truck, and a lot of people have. The riding in a big truck is fun for some and an experience that they won’t get. And to go to a police call is always fun cuz humans are born with the circus effect where you see lights and sirens then you wanna know what happened.

  56. Fuck that I’ll call capital city or Allstar at least then I know my son won’t be fondeled or the driver isn’t a fucking crack head!!! Shane is a fucking douche monkey and should check I’d’s when getting a piece of ass and quit screwing that Lil 16 year old whore down there. And the dirtbag office manager needs to go home and let the dogs out!!!!

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