Shame On You Qik-n-EZ!

We had a reader reach out to us today about an incident that happened yesterday at the Qik-n-EZ on Stevenson Drive around 3:30pm.

This reader was at the counter getting ready to pay and a man runs in and asks the employees to call 911 that there’s a man at a pump having serious medical problems. She writes in that one of the employees said “yeah right” and laughed, and didn’t even attempt to look or call for help. He then asks again two more times to the employees and the manager on duty and no one helps him.

Our reader follows the man to the parking lot to see what she could do (she was trained in CPR). By this time someone had made a 911 call finally from a cell phone (another customer in the parking lot), and help was on its way. Our reader with the help of the man who ran inside and another good Samaritan got the man out his car and was able to start CPR on him until paramedics arrived.

According to eye witnesses not once did any one from the Gas Station make any attempt to help or even check on the situation. One person stated “The Employees all acted like it was a joke”.

We reached out to Chronister Oil the ownership of Qik N Ez and at the time of this posting no comment had been returned.

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31 Comments on "Shame On You Qik-n-EZ!"

  1. Uffff. The people that work the Toronto store are amazingly nice, sweet and helpful. The people at Casey’s on Wabash (the new one) were awful last night. The cashier wad ignoring me standing at the register and was complaining she’d “never get to mop with customers that kept coming in.” When I told her about the gross blood, poop and vomit all over the woman’s bathroom she said it wasn’t her job.

  2. Margie Smith Mefford
    Mom, this is the guy you preformed CPR on.

  3. Keith Mefford, Crystal McEvoy, Katie Mefford, Casidy Mefford

  4. So what? Quit trying so hard dawg. Everyone has cell phones now.

  5. Shame on them is right. Did you know that when my dad, Keith Mefford, ran in to ask for a rag to wipe the guys face off (he had vomited) so my mom, Margie Smith Mefford, could preform CPR, they handed him a coffee filter and said this is what we use. Also, when my dad went back I after the guy was on the ambulance, the manager grabbed the phone and asked “did anyone call 911 yet?” So no one from that store attempted to do ANYTHING! To make matters worse, they told the police that the man’s car needed to be moved off the property by a certain time or they would have it towed. REALLY?!?!

  6. It’s not even about them just not calling..they did nothing!! They wouldn’t even offer up a rag or towel or anything but a coffee filter to wipe this man’s mouth out. What if this was your family member? What if someone was trying to get help for them and people laughed?

  7. All I know is that I’m very proud of my mom. While others walked by and ignored someone in trouble my mom and another man sprung into action. I pray to.God if that was my dad I hope someone has a heart like my mom. She has a huge heart and would help anyone in trouble. Margie Smith Mefford you are an amazing mom and I’m so proud to call you MY mom. You did an amazing job trying to save him. I love you!

  8. He was not at a pump. He was on the side by the air and 911 had already been called before I went into the store

  9. I like that qik n ez and honestly if you knew half the shit those employees put up with you’d be surprised they continue working there.

  10. Wow. How terribly sad. Good job to everyone that stepped in to help! Prayers for the family he left behind. And SHAME ON YOU Qik n Ez workers!

  11. Boycott all qik n ez stores

  12. Margie and Shaun….thanj you for the efforts made. Most just walk by but why not stop.
    Im not going to slam the employees. Apparently they thought it was a joke. But lack of compassion is heart tearing. One of the employees could have looked around the corner and see it was no joke. Was it because Halloween is around the corner?

  13. And another article Stephanie Scott

  14. Chrissie Zufall | October 15, 2015 at 11:47 am | Reply

    I shudder at the thought that someone would think it was a joke. Even if they thought it was a joke, they should have gone around the corner to make sure. It wouldn’t have taken much time to check on the safety of patrons! Sheer laziness is all it amounts to!

    I now know that if ever I was in trouble the last place I would go to for safety would be there. It really is sad to know that when someone needs help, heartless people would turn a blind eye. I betcha that if it was a fight, they would have all been rubber neck in to see it and pull out their phones to record it! Just shows that drama is more important than human life!!

  15. Chrissie Yoder Zufall, this is what i was reading.

  16. regardless what these employees go thru, the type of assholes they deal with, or the pay they receive…… helping someone in need should just be a given!!! AMEN to those that did help!!! there are still decent humans out here and u guys just proved that!!! that man was someones father, brother, uncle, etc…and he could have been one of our very own!!!

  17. I firmly believe *Qik n EZ* is a lot more Caring and Community Conscious than Portrayed on that Terrible and Sad Day!

    July 30th, 2015:
    We had an Incident (Man collapsed in Truck) at Toronto Road – Pump #13 (and I’m ThankFul) I didn’t hesitate to #CALL911 (regardless of everyone having a Cell Phone), but I am even more Thankful for OUR AMAZING CUSTOMERS who also rushed to #Help !

    We are all ONE COMMUNITY…and I’d rather err on being too Compassionate as opposed to too Callous!

  18. You did a great thing. Thats awesome

  19. Shaun Bandy you are a saint

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