SHAME ON YOU COKE!!! – Precision Barbers/Detailing Paint & body Repair

Bringing you a little story about on of Springfield’s Local Businesses Precision Barbers/Detailing Paint & body Repair.

According to the submission to us the reader wrote in that Precision Barbers/Detailing Paint & body Repair has had the bellowed pictures Coca Cola Vending Machine in their business for over five months. In those five months they have sold over $2300 worth of product so they are owed $230 from National Coca Cola.

After further looking it appears that Coca Cola has some insanely high threshold that the business must reach before they will issue a check  for the commission. Even though the business owner is the one who pays  the electricity for the machine upfront.

SHAME ON YOU COCA COLA!!! Even Google’s threshold is only $100 to have a check issued!
PrecisionBarbersDetailingPaintBodyRepair PrecisionBarbersDetailingPaintBodyRepair1

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8 Comments on "SHAME ON YOU COKE!!! – Precision Barbers/Detailing Paint & body Repair"

  1. Someone didn’t read the fine print in the contract.

  2. Neverless I hear it was something like a 2600 threshold for payout. That’s $26,000 worth of sales that is crazy

  3. That machine needs to be put on the curb and a call to their distribution to pick their machine up before it disappears. I bet they’ll reply then.

    That is an insane threshold. At $2.00 a bottle, that’s 13,000 sales for an autoshop, ridiculous. Salesman should of be forth coming with info like that. Granted there is fine print to read.

  4. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, should have read the fine print in the contract with Coca-Cola® any decent attorney will tell you to read the ENTIRE contract. They are made aware when they bring in their machines what the threshold is. Pepsi® is the same way. Now, Had they had went to Capital City Vending things might be a tad bit different.

  5. Why don’t they purchase their own vending machine’s and fill it themselves, all profits remain in the business.

  6. If they purchase a 24 package in a wholesale store for 28$ (Approx) they will be at a $20 profit for their business. You can sometimes find used vending machines for a decent price. Maybe $200, with an additional annual approximate kilowatt charge of about $400. It could pay for itself in no time at all.

  7. thank you for exposing these greedy corporations who pay no taxes and are based on pure greed and do nothing but exploit the honest people who host their crooked vending machines!!

  8. Ya i see personal vending machines in buisness all the time. Machines might be a little older but who gives a damn all taste the same and u recieve %100 the profit. Im really not sure why the hell no one would do that instead lol

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