Boy oh boy this man is pretty known which is over 35 arrests into the Sangamon County Jail!

In 2004 Mr. Haseley was convicted of Criminal Sexual Assault/Families & Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of Victim Less Than 13 Years Old. He was sentenced to 4 years in Prison then 4 Years of Probation when he got out. He did complete the Probation Successfully.

His criminal troubles didn’t stop there over the years he has had miscellaneous troubles with the law. He is actually currently on Misdemeanor Probation for a Domestic Battery.

He is also currently fighting a case out of Riverton for being a SEXUAL PREDATOR in a Prohibited Place! At the time of his arrest they had him held on a Class 4 Felony of Violation of Public Park Zone – CHILD SEX OFFENDER. Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Rodgers the day after his arrest formally charged him with the Class a Misdemeanor Sexual Predator In Prohibited Area.

He hasn’t been found guilty of that crime, but not matter what we don’t like the idea of Sexual Predator’s being arrested in or around a Park! Especially when his original victim was 12 YEARS OLD!

Take a good luck at this Sexual Predator! He is currently residing in the Grand Valley Mobile Home Park off North Grand in Springfield! RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM 2 SCHOOLS!!!!



We will do a follow up story in the future with this sick mans FULL criminal history!

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  1. Autumn Coyle Ashleyy Anderson keep the baby’s put up there’s a sick man out there

  2. Wonder why my landlord is allowing him to live in here .

  3. Idk hes been there for a min that’s where u kno who was smoking that shit at Autumn Coyle

  4. I’ll be saying something to Carol.

  5. He lives down the street from Chelsea Busch

  6. 2 house from back entrance

  7. Wow that’s fucking sick!

  8. You would think sex offenders can’t be in here .

  9. Autumn Coyle, it’s not against the law for him to live there. It’s also not against the law for landlords to discriminate against someone applying for a place to rent if they are a sexual offender as well.

    Sounds to me like they didn’t do a good background check.

  10. But a trailer court though . there is a lot of small children here . Yes there are small children everywhere I just didn’t think it was allowed in parks.

  11. Kristy Paoni Val Petty Paoni Rodger Paoni Cerria Paoni Kaylee Marie Paoni
    Keep an eye out.

  12. 500 feet from a park or school. That’s the law. Doesn’t matter if he is around children,at least in the state of Illinois.

    He just can’t can’t be in custody or control of a minor without supervision. Which means, he can freely walk around like anyone else.

  13. Read the very last paragraph before you decide to do anything. I’m not standing up for anyone. But will say this. I am more concerned about these meth heads, meth labs, crack heads, heroin addicts and dumb ass kids running around here then I am Mr Haseley.

  14. We are not threatening or harassing him. We are providing a news story on our online periodical about his crimes and alleged crimes. It is the public right to know.

    • I would assume someone is a child predator as well because no one would care if you did publish this informative article or harrassed him considering he preyed on a CHILD!! anyone who defends him or his right is a MORON. PERIOD. a child is a child while a predator should have NO rights ! Yes none!

  15. Well you worry about what you want to and I’ll worry about a ped living that close to me and my child .

  16. According to statistics 87% of Illinois Sex Offenders re-offend or violate their conditions of registry. Jonathan Hughes hope Mr. Haseley here isnt one of those 87% and snatches up one of your kids. I mean it is only statistics right… Funny you mention drugs, Mr. Hasley has a background involving those aswell!

  17. Tad Hildebrand ain’t that your friend

  18. U need to call him in

  19. Reports are flying in on this man in our inboxes! More to come

  20. If you are concerned about sexual predators in your area you can check here by putting in your address to search around you.

  21. Omg this dude^^^ because u know of him and his situation what? let me guess he never did it ! he was set up!!! He pleaded guilty because he couldn’t afford a lawyer… Excuses … Would u let him babysit your child? I highly doubt it.. But looks to me he is in the 87% statics since he has a ongoing case… Ugh seriously they all need to die thank god I don’t live near this area

  22. Manda Rochelle Perkinton

  23. Angy Price Adrian Price Adrian Price

  24. I know him .. my dad was married to his mom. He got caught molesting his sister corona. I robbed him of a pound of weed at gun point. Fuckin lil douche faggot

  25. Please tell me your joking^^ smh these post tonight on here

  26. Jayson Clayton Perkinton this is fucking sick. It’s not molesting it’s rape!! The report says victim was 12 he was 23.

  27. I’m saying years ago.
    He is a sick fuck

  28. Some of the kids walk to and from the schools by there selfs as some parents have no cars.

  29. I live in the same trailer court and I’m positive that he is not 500 feet from a church or a school he needs charged for this. And there are small kids that have to walk to school it’s a shame and should not be tolerated by the trailer court or parole officer.

  30. Rachel Perkinton | January 26, 2016 at 11:33 pm | Reply

    Ppl really need to do there own research before believing what they read online. He was not charged with rape. He was charged with stagetory. (Not that it is better) and his case never went to trial. He plead out. There’s been multiple stories on what happened. And she was 13 not 12! He is not on parole and has been approved for where he lives. And this was over ten years ago! My brother is not sexually attracted to babies and children. All u guys sound so dumb. Accusations were made and whether he did it or not he ended up paying for it. And NONE of this info is hidden. It’s all public online. This involves my sister and my brother. I love them both very much. But seriously ppl r sooo stupid to believe what is being said. My brother is not a bad person and def doesn’t prey on children. Anyone who knows him knows this.

  31. Rachel Perkinton | January 26, 2016 at 11:39 pm | Reply

    And for his new case he is dealing with is bs. He got pulled over for his lights not working on his trailer and he pulled into the parking lot of the park. And it wasn’t even a children’s playground park. It was riverside park. Idk y I’m even giving this a response. Ig because my brother isn’t on fb and can’t defend his self.

  32. Jayson sounds so stupid! Knows nothing about nothing!! Lmao get ur facts right dumb ass! Better yet
    Go do what u do best and shoot some more Heroin ! Know NOTHIN about me or my mom or sisters! Yea my brother is a POS but so are u jayson! And that comes from ur own family! Lol. Try getting facts right before posting and looking dumb! I can talk shit and have u posted on here too! LOL

  33. This is sick he lives right by me n we have a school also right down the road n all these kids around here walk to school n he also has kids go to his house I believe are family that’s a disgrace I would not let kids near him in gonna b calling the landlord also this is not safe

  34. Rachel, you are right in attempting to disclose the facts, to which you are privvy, as this happened within your family circle; however, it’s clear these ignorant responders are only capable of media-frenzy-reactions, regardless of the facts or of the truth. I am no sympathizer to criminals of any sort, not even the boasting thug who robbed your brother at gun point, yet your brother has served his sentence (for possibly a false accusation) and as long as he doesn’t re-offend, is allowed to live a harrassment-free life. Police should patrol his home over the next several months to ensure someone doesn’t commit a crime against him or his property.

  35. Rachel Perkinton | January 27, 2016 at 8:32 am | Reply

    I apologize I could be wrong on the name of the park. It’s the one right inside riverton where ppl camp. And like I said he was never there, but pulled in when got pulled over. And thank u ms. Luna. And no my sister was 13 and in the end he was charged with and found guilty of stagetory only. And like I said this was over a decade ago. I family moved passed this and its so ignorant to see it resurfacing over a hater. Smh. Let’s not think about the victim ur also blasting who has moved on. Ad long as u guys yet ur juicy info right.

  36. Rachel Perkinton | January 27, 2016 at 8:35 am | Reply

    But I’m moving past this one again. I’m no longer gonna comment. This will eventually pass as well. So enjoy.

  37. Aren’t the landlords pose to do background checks on ppl. My trailer court does. Ugh. My court wouldn’t let sex offenders n at all. Wow. Lives next to Megan Sisti and down the road from my other friend Autumn Coyle wtf

  38. Maybe the whole family is just fucked up. That could totally mess up someone’s life tho. Getting raped by ur bro. Wow wtf. That’s crazy…Bt ppl do make their own decisions. U can’t blame ur mistakes on someone else.

  39. Thanks Sally Tavender I’ll keep an eye out..n I’ll run his ass over if he comes anywhere near my kiss ..sick fuck

  40. N also that’s prolly y he got stabbed by donnie withers awhile ago lhfh

  41. billy joe bobby brown | January 27, 2016 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    you need a new name forthis website call it “POINTING OUT THE PERVS” catchy enough

  42. statutory? what is stagetory? education much?

  43. I went to school with him. He has been messed up since he was younger. Thats all I will say. Keep your babies close at all times especially around him.

  44. Jennifer Ferguson Tate Moffitt Nicole Forgot

  45. I went to school with Jason and he was being questioned at school for trying to get a 9 year old to go in the bathroom with him at school he lived in Rochester at the time and went to sased school on Taylor Ave

  46. Jason is a POS that douchebag touches kid’s Rob people and likes to drink at the Parkway pub I have seen him in there with his nasty ass gf Jen not my business tho

  47. Carol Nikki Cleeton …. lol bring back memories

  48. Hahahaha hahahaha Chris Moss

  49. He don’t live in here anymore

  50. Nobody lives in that one

  51. He no longer lives in Grand Vallley! That is an empty home and he is not a resident here and hasn’t been for a while! Please up date your information!

  52. Snarky McSnark | April 9, 2018 at 12:37 am | Reply

    Yeah! He’s stayin’ out behind “Lil’ Jimmy’s Weiner Barn/Daycare” now! Sheesh, I thought everybody knew that! Lil Jimmy’s Motto: “No pair of buns too small to fit a weenie in!”

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