Sex Offenders Running Snow Cone Shop In Taylorville?

So would you let your children go to a Snow Cone Shop that is owned by sex offenders?

Well take a look at these two guys!

Both grown men after CHILDREN a 14 YEAR OLD & A 13 YEAR OLD!!!



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54 Comments on "Sex Offenders Running Snow Cone Shop In Taylorville?"

  1. David – in case the grandkids visit.

  2. Well this place won’t last long… Understandably!
    It’s confusing why someone with this kind of background would even consider this.. Let alone two people…

  3. Shawn Grohler Crystal Grohler

  4. Stilwell only got caught for one of the many underage Girls he “dated”

  5. Jason Smith just an FYI

  6. Y’all have no lives. Do you have nothing better than to sit around on your computers or phones an bash these two peoples company. They have worked long and hard to build this. They may own the business but their not even there to enjoy their success because of you people. Let’s all just mind their own business already.

    • You have got to be kidding me they are sex offenders and have opened a business that basically is geared towards children are you nuts?!

    • You would feel different if it was your child that was molested.

    • Nicole Buer I support them 100% we enjoyed coming up there today 🙂 keep your head high and watch the success happen!!!

    • Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know that just children enjoy snow cones. I’m must be a child bc I suggest going to my family more than they do. You all can have your opinions about them. Someone past shouldn’t haunt their future and destroy their success. When your set up the term “child molester” shouldn’t be your title for life. Those of you who think it’s a problem, just pick up your opinions and take them to tropical snow an don’t bring your family to ice madness. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to publicly humiliate them. They don’t even have Facebook to defend themselves to you close minded people. But then again they have way more better things to deal with than this petty drama. I’ve said my peace. They both have proven to me and my family as decent hard working people that deserve a chance in success just like everyone else.

      Oh and for all of you who are against them and think their company will be destroyed…we were packed constantly and enjoyed all the smiling faces today. ✌️

      To those who came out and supported them, we appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon.

    • Maybe a tire shop or a jewelry business would have been a better choice….good gravy.

    • Yea totally, because Taylorville already has 3 companies that sell tires and 4 shops that sell jewelry. Sounds like a bombing industry.

      I’m sure you ALL have skeletons in your closet…don’t be so quick to judge them so harsh until your perfect. All of this happened going on 10 years ago now and haven’t done anything since. It called a past for a reason.

  7. Damn didnt know arin stillwell ended up like this. He wasnt weird like that in high school that I remember

  8. Katelyn Shoraga Amber Rhoads

  9. Do we know how many of these girls your suggesting, we’re untruthful about their age?

  10. It does not matter if the girls were untruthful about their ages or not. It is a crime regardless of what age they said they were.

  11. Where is this shop supposedly at?

  12. Roy and Arin both made mistakes in their lives and have paid the price for what they have did. If you don’t want to support them then don’t. They only person they have to answer to in the end is the same person you answer to in the end for judging them. Might wanna think about that.

  13. This is crazy to me. 1 because two men with that kind of record, regardless of the situations and who lied about their age are even allowed to open up something like this. Yes it’s their past and no it should not be their label in life but there are laws against ppl with records like this working/living around children. Point blank period! 2 because ppl think it’s ok and fair for these 2 sex offenders to open a stand whom the majority of their customers are children. Yes some adults like snow cones but that’s not the point. The point and law is that they are not allowed to be within so many feet of kids! U don’t break the law and then jus do what u want in life. There will be consiquences other than the time they did in jail. Making a sex offender register is not for ppl to torture or harass these ppl, it’s to keep parents aware of who is around their kids and what they have done. So with that being said, I hope everyone that thinks it’s right because they “kno them” finds Jesus

    • Find Jesus?? Wait a second… You might want to consider practicing what you preach! You want to be “Godly” that’s fine, BUT judge much? I truly hope and pray that you judge YOURSELF because it isn’t “Godly” to judge ANYONE! SMDH! Talk about a bunch of hypocrites and false profits!

  14. Roy has been fighting the charges for 3 years and just won – his name will be taken down off the registry – The “child” told him he was 19 and it was even proven in court. He is NOT A PEDIOPHLE – you all should be ashamed bashing w/out know the truth. Hope you all’s skelton’s never come roaming out of your closets!

  15. A friend of mine from Taylorville posted this today I was dieing laughing..
    Gameplan: Sell enough snow cones to open a day care! Boy times will be good then.

  16. Where’s the snow cone shop at? I’ll be happy to support their business and my wife and I will even take our children! I find it simply amusing the people that are doing the bashing are jealous of their success because the bashers are not so successful themselves! At least they are NOT on welfare and are making good money the honest way! There is a HUGE difference in ALL sex offenders – NOT all are true career pedophiles! 1,000% SUPPORTER OF THIS BUSINESS!! Screw the haters!

  17. God is the only one who should judge js.

  18. The same way as someone who is a violent offender cannot bear firearms, someone who is a sexual predator should not be allowed to serve a market that will have a strong minor market. people may change, but I am not willing to bet my child’s physical and mental stability on it from being wrong.

  19. Yeah because being on welfare is so much worse than being a sex offender? People are not “jealous” they just want to keep their children safe.

  20. Michelle:

    People bitch that felons are on WELFARE, but then people bitch that they have their own business venture or employment! So, either way, people bitch and you can’t please them all, so I say screw the haters! Don’t bitch at people that are on welfare and cant get a job to support themselves! You sound like a person who is unhappy and although everyone has opinions, opinions vary! I give Stillwell an A+ for effort! The guy screwed up, paid his debt to society and is making money the “good” way. At least he isn’t slinging dope or meth in Christian County like we all hear all the dam time! Give credit where credit is do and shut your mouth!

  21. Well that’s an awfully big screw up if you ask me. I am actually very happy with my life and take pride in keeping my children safe. I am not “hating” because he has a job I am stating he shouldn’t be running a business that is aimed towards children. Big difference. You have your own opinion as well and can choose to take your child there just like I will choose not to but have some respect when it comes to talking to other people.

  22. they should’ve opened a roller rink or a chucky cheese or maybe dressed up as clowns and performed at children’s birthday parties.

  23. josh is wrong | June 21, 2016 at 9:45 pm | Reply

    Is it wrong to tell your children not to play in the road. Is it judging to tell them that a car could hit them. Not all cars will hit them but I tell my children this because I want to keep them safe. I will not put my children in harms way or take any kind of risk that involves their safety. If these are the best snow cones in the world then my children will miss out but I will sleep better knowing I kept them safe. It has nothing to do with judging these men but protecting the family I love. And so you know most people on welfare have jobs…. yeah and most of the “welfare” you read about goes to companies not individual people.

  24. Well, that’s an awfully big “screw up”. That “screw up” probably didn’t seem like just a “screw up” to the victim. I agree he should have a job, but a job aimed towards children is not a job he should have. You can choose to take your children there just like a choose to not take mine. By the way, I am very happy with my life and I also take pride in keeping my children safe. Please, have some respect when talking to people.

  25. If a person has paid their debt to society then why continue their punishment by telling them they cannot run a business? If you don’t like it then there is a simple solution…don’t go to their business. Simple as that.

  26. Like I said, have some respect then I can maybe take your comments seriously.

  27. I’m a 14 year old boy and I’m going back as soon as my butt quits bleeding

  28. Mark C Morgan | July 5, 2016 at 11:54 pm | Reply

    First these guys, then sex offender Todd Daugherty is doing a monthly “Reading with Uncle Toad” event at Lake Taylorville Lake this Saturday (July 9, 2016) at 9 am. Must be something in the air in Christian County Illinois

  29. My daughter was one of Arin Stillwell’s victims, he knew exactly how old she was.
    He was a DJ at the teen (middle school” Y parties & “picked up” the young girls there.

  30. Nicole Bauer, go back to snorting coke off your dads Cock! These two are pieces shit! So are you! Stupid whore

  31. Buer family supports child rape | June 28, 2018 at 3:27 pm | Reply

    Pedophiles never stop! Just ask your father!

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